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Crisis Arm-- Attack 1 Attack changes below 10 HP

Tin Arm-- Attack 20

Hammer Arm-- Attack 25

MirageHand-- Attack 30

Stone Arm-- Attack 40

DoomFinger-- Attack 50

Magma Hand-- Attack 70

MegatonArm-- Attack 90

Big Hand-- Attack 105

Kaiser Arm-- Attack 120

Giga Arm-- Attack 135

Terra Arm-- Attack 150


Rocket Punch-- His fist shoots out at an enemy

Cure Beam-- Recovers some of a party member's h.p.

Laser Spin-- Robo spins, lasers blazing, damaging all enemies

Robo Tackle-- Robo charges an enemy

Heal Beam-- Recovers some of all members' hit points

Uzzi Punch-- Robo punches an enemy an uncountable number of time, causing massive damage

Area Bomb-- Robo explodes a bomb causing damage to all enemies in the area

Shock-- Robo releases a massive lightning charge

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