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Once a little child from the Kingdom of Zeal, raised by Schala and then transported away to 600 AD by Queen Zeal herself along with the 3 other gurus. He was a child and didn't know anything. Taken under care by Ozzie, he became a baddie and a great threat to humans of that time. Calling Lavos (the one who transported him away from Schala and home) from the pit of the earth, he wanted to get revenge on it but was too weak.

Magus is a strong dark magic user. He uses a scythe type weapons and you can choose whether or not to have him join your party. You can fight him ( after Zeal falls and Chrono is dead) and get a amulet or you can recruit him. He has powerful magic and ok attack.

Magus's Weapons

DarkScythe- Attack 120

Hurricane -Attack 135

Star Scythe- Attack 150

DoomSickle -Attack 160 -Attack up when Ally falls


Lightning 2- Lightning spins around the room, damaging all enemies

Ice 2 - Huge blocks of ice hit all the enemies

Fire 2- Fire hits all enemies

Dark Bomb - A bomb of shadow magic damages all enemies in the area

Magic Wall - Reduces magic damage on a party member by 1/3

Dark Mist - A cloud of shadow magic damages all enemies

Black Hole - Sucks enemies into a black hole

Dark Matter- A triangle of Shadow magic damages all enemies