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Lucca is Chrono's friends who is an inventor. She invented the time machine taht started the whole thing. She's the reason why Chrono had to go back in time and change the future and the past. But otherwise, she's pretty cool!
Lucca uses a gun as a weapon and has some pretty high tech stuff!
Controls FIRE magic


Air Gun--Attack+5

Dart Gun--Attack+7

Auto Gun--Attack+15

Plasma Gun--Attack+25, added bonus of random Stop on machines

Ruby Gun--Attack+40

Dream Gun--Attack+60


Shock Wave--Attack+110, added bonus of random Chaos

Wonder Shot--Attack+250, but damage can vary


Flame Toss-- A line of fire will hit all enemies in the way

Hypno Wave-- Lucca will cause all enemies on the screen to fall asleep

Fire-- Fire scorches one enemy

Napalm-- A bomb thrown will damage all enemies in the area

Protect-- Reduces physical damage on a character by 1/3

Fire 2-- Fire damages all enemies on the screen

Mega Bomb-- Stronger version of napalm

Flare-- Ultimate fire damage