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I'm not sure if these work because i don't have a game genie!

A1EE-EFD9- Brings your party members up to level 99 after 1 battle!

EE68-7DOC- Equip anything on anybody! weapons, armor, etc...

65EB-E4A9- After a level up, all of your stats are maxed! Use w/ level 99 code!

1438-7765 - Invincibility! enemies die after 1 attack! all of them!

EEB0-EFA4- Walk thru most walls, and the sealed doors. Get the epoch b4 Robo!

22EC-ED60 -Gain ALL techs. Single, Double, Triple.

EED0-EFE5- Makes Magic look different. Some areas may freeze up.

0B60-7FA4 -Walk thru all walls. Turn off code to leave room, area.

FF01-54DF- Turns people into different things. May freeze in some Enemy-only areas.

EEDD-7F5D- Start with a higher max. HP

63DD-745D - Start with a higher max. MP

BDDD-74ED- Start with max. power

BDDD-777D- Start with max. stamina

BDDD-775D- Start with max. speed

BDDD-778D- Start with max. magic

BDDD-77ED- Start with max. hit ratio

BDDF-7D7D- Start with max. evade

BDDF-7D5D- Start with max. magic defense

A1EE-EFD9- Level 99

22EC-ED60- Gain all techniques