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BronzeEdge-- Attack 6

Iron Sword-- Attack 10

Masamune 1-- Attack 75

FlashBlade-- Attack 90

Pearl Edge-- Attack 105 1.5x hit to magic enemies

Rune Blade-- Attack 120 Magic + 4

Demon Hit-- Attack 120 2x hit to magic enemies

BraveSword-- Attack 135 2x hit to magic enemies

Masamune 2-- Attack 200 2x hit to magic enemies


Slurp-- Frog's tongue recovers some of a member's h.p.

Slurp Cut-- Frog's tongue drags and enemy to him and he strikes

Water-- A water bubble damages an enemy

Heal-- Recovers some of all party members' h.p.

Leap Slash-- Frog leaps and lands on an enemy, sword first

Water 2-- A wave of water damages all enemies

Cure 2-- Recover all of a character's h.p.

Frog Squash-- A giant frog lands on all enemies. The lower Frog's h.p., the higher the damage