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I did this by myself so if you copy it, please give me credit! Also, I wasn't sure about the MP used part so they may be incorrect!


Who DoubleTech MP used How done Description
Crono/Marle Aura Whirl 2,1 Aura+Cyclone Heals some HP of party
Ice Sword 4,2 Spincut+Ice Attack 1 enemy with Ice Sword
Ice Sword II 10,8 Confuse, Ice II Attack more than 1 enemy with Ice Sword
Crono/Lucca Fire Whirl 2,1 Cyclone+Flame Toss Attack group of enemies with whirling-fire-sword
Fire Sword 4,3 Fire+Spincut Attack 1 enemy with flaming sword
Fire Sword II 10, 8 Confuse+Fire II Attack more than 1 enemy with flaming sword
Crono/Frog X-STrike 2,2 Slash+Slurp Cut Charge at enemy and hit like an X
SwordStream 4,3 Spincut+Water Crono flies up into air and comes down on enemy with a stream of water
Spire 8,5 Lightning 2+Leapslash Frog charges at enemy while Crono hits with lightning
Crono/Robo Rocket Roll 2,3 Cyclone+Laser Spin Swinging beam of laser at everyone
Max Cyclone 4,3 Spincut, Laser Spin Robo SPins Crono around
Super Volt 8,20 Lightning 2+Shock Strong Thunder Attack
Crono/Ayla Drill Kick 2,2 Cyclone+Rollo Kick Crono throws Ayla while she kicks
Volt Bite 3,4 Lightning+Cat Attack Crono Lights Ayla and she bites enemy
Falcon Hit 4,6 Spincut+Rock Throw Ayla throws Crono into enemy
Lucca/Marle Antipode 2,2 Fire+Ice Combination of Ice 1 and Fire 1
Antipode II 8,8 Fire 2 + Ice 2 Stronger version of antipode
Antipode III 20,8 Flare+Ice 2 Strongest version of antipode! The screen explodes!
Lucca/Robo Fire Punch 2,4 Fire+Rocket Punch Fire lights up Robo's arm and he punches an enemy
Fire Tackle 8,4 Fire 2+Robo Tackle Fire lights up Robo and he charges at an enemy
Double Bomb 12,15 Mega Bomb+Area bomb Double Bomb attack
Lucca/Ayla Flame Kick 2,2 Fire+Rollo Kick Ayla is charged with fire and kicks an enemy
Fire Whirl 8,10 Fire 2 + Tail Spin Ayla, lit with fire, spins around the room and damages all enemies
Blaze Kick 8,18 Fire 2 + Triple Kick Triple Kick with Ayla's Feet on fire
Lucca/Frog Red Pin 2,4 Fire+Leap Slash Slash with Fire
Lin Bomb 10,4 MegaBomb+Leap Slash Trail of bombs floow frog as he zooms in a straight line along the screen. Hits anything in way of line
Frog Flare 20,20 Flare+Frog Squash Frog Squash with fire
Marle/Frog Ice Water 2,2 Ice+Water Ice Water rains down on enemies
Glacier 8,8 Ice 2 + Water 2 Hit group of enemies with glacier
Double Cure 10,10 Cure 2 + Cure 2 CURES WHOLE PARTY
Marle/Robo Aura Beam 1,2 Aura+Cure Beam Cures some of all members HP
Ice Tackle 2,4 Ice+Robo Tackle Robo is iced up and tackles one enemy
Cure Touch 10,7 Cure 2 + Heal Beam CURES EVERYONE
Marle/Ayla Twin Charm 2,5 Provoke+Charm Double Charm an enemy
Ice Toss 2,4 Ice+Rock Throw Ayla throws ice cube at one enemy
Cube TOss 8,4 Ice 2 + Rock Throw Ayla throws glacier at surrounding enemies
Frog/Robo Blade Toss 4,3 Slurp Cut+Laser Spin Robo throws Frog at enemy with sword point
Bubble Snap 3,4 Water+Robo Tackle Robo pops a bubble on head of enemy
Cure Wave 10,7 Cure 2 + Heal Beam ALL HP RECOVERED
Frog/Ayla Slurp Kiss 1,1 Slurp+Kiss Some HP of all party recovered
Bubble Hit 3,4 Water+Rollo Kick Ayla pops bubble over enemy head and stomps down
Drop Kick 8,17 Leap SLash+Triple Kick Ayla Kicks enemy while Frog hits away
Robo/Ayla Boogie 4,5 Robo Tackle+Charm Casts STOP
Spin Kick 4,4 Robo Tackle+Rollo Kick Robo throws kicking Ayla into enemy
Beast Toss 13,7 Uzzi Punch+Rock Throw Robo and Ayla Play cathc with one enemy