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Info on Chrono


Mop-- Attack 1

Wood Sword-- Attack 3

Iron Blade-- Attack 7

Steel Saber-- Attack 15

Lode Sword-- Attack 20

Bolt Sword-- Attack 25

Red Katana-- Attack 30

Flint Edge-- Attack 40

Slasher-- Attack43

Aeon Blade-- Attack 70

Demon Edge-- Attack 90 1.5x hit to magic enemies

AlloyBlade-- Attack 110

Star Sword-- Attack 125

VedicBlade-- Attack 135

Swallow --Attack 145 --Speed + 3

Kali Blade-- Attack 150

Slasher 2-- Attack 155

Shiva Edge-- Attack 170 4x hit at Critical

Rainbow--Attack 220 70% Critical hit rate


Cyclone-- Crono spins with his sword, damaging all enemies in the area

Slash-- Crono sends a straight line through whatever is in the way. This attack will neutralize Masa&Mune's tornado energy

Lightning-- A lightning bolt will hit an enemy Spincut A powerful move that does double damage to an enemy

Lightning 2-- Lightning will spin around the screen, damaging all enemies

Life-- Has the same effect as revive, but more energy is recovered

Confuse-- Crono spins around the enemy, striking 4 times

Luminaire-- A lightning bomb that hits all enemies

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