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Some of these are cheats as in game cheats while others help you along the game

Get Demon Edge before Zeal

Remember the store in 1000 AD in MEDINA that sold you stuff for a high price??? Well, there, most of the stuff stinks except for the DEMON EDGE sword. It costs 65000 G. If that ain't enough money. But you can get it without fighting a million battles!

After returning from the first prehistoric trip (defeat NIZBEL 1) and getting the dream stone, go train in the hunting zone north of the village. If you have enough, go to the trading hutt (in 65,000,000!) and trade for 12 stone arms or 10-15 flint edges. 6 stone arms=30000 G so 12 would be 60000 G. Then go to any store and sell them all (YES, you can sell them) and you should get enough money to buy a demon edge. So that is how you get enough money. The demon edge is a good sword and makes Crono stronger than any other member. If you have it, it is a BIG advantage cause it does 200+ damage. Not that much of a difference but its better than 176 damage and stuff. So try it.

Ayla's Iron and Bronze Fists

Yes! It is true! I have gotten the IRON FIST (Level 72) and it randomly causes confusion and has many critical hits! The Bronze fist (gotten at level 96) is good but the critical hit rate is lower. When you do hit one though, it causes 9999 damage! Its great!

Fast Experience

For quick experience after you ebat the game, go to the Factory in 2300 AD. The place where mother brain is. Equip the ROBO or CRONO with a GOLDERGN so it cuts your MP use by 75%. Now, make sure Crono or Robo is fast so he always goes first. Use SHOCK and LIGHTNING 2 to quickly kill the enemies. You can TONS of experience and Tech points when you fight there. That's how I got up to level ** (the highest)!!!

If you are having trouble...

If you are ever having trouble because your level is too low or you can't just beat a boss, do a new game plus! It may help because you get to start at the level that you left off from and get all the items you had before. Its all good.

Powered Up Items

In various places, there are black boxes and each of them contains a rare item. IN 600AD, if you find a box that says , "do you want to remove the contents?" , say no and go to 1000AD and then get the item. It is charged up and twice as good as the old item back in 600AD. This can also be done in the mansion where you power up the Masamune for Frog. At the end are some Black boxes. Charge em up and don't remove their contents in 600AD. GO to 1000AD and get the items. There should be a Valkerye (Marle's Ultimate weapon), Shiva Edge (4x damage when super hit), and Moon Armor (most powerful for men). Its good. Other things you can get are blue armor (absorbs water hits), white armor, and red armor. Its good stuff!

Save Lucca's Mom!!

TO save Lucca's mom during the campfire scene, just go to the head of the machine and enter in the password-L A R A. You will save her and get a GREEN DREAM from Robo. i don't know how it works, but i guess it just does.

Ayla's Charm List

From Unofficial World of Nintendo


Alien/Black Omen/Shield

Amphibite/Hunting Range/2 horns

Anion/Hunting Range/2 petals

Avian Rex/Dactyl Nest/Feather

Azala/Tyrano Lair/Magic Tab

Bantam Imp/Mt. of Woe/Alloy Blade

Barghest/Ocean Palace/Shield

Beast/Terra Cave/Rainbow Helmet

Bellbird/Denadoro Mt./Heal

Black Tyrano/Tyrano Lair/Power Tab

Blob/Black Omen/Magic Ring

Blue Beast/Terra Cave/Mermaid Cap

Blue Scout/Ocean Palace/Shield


Cave Ape/Tyrano Lair/Fang

Cave Bat/Heckran Cave/Revive

Croaker/Hunting Range/2 fangs

Cybot/Blk Omen/Power Meal

Cyrus/North Ruins/Can't steal

Dalton/Zeal Palace/Power Meal

Dalton Plus/On Epoch/Power Meal

Debuggest/Geno Dome/Shield

Defunct/North Ruins/Lapis

Display/Geno Dome/Elixir

Evilweevil/Reptite Lair/Dream Gun

Fly Trap/Reptite Lair/Dream Bow

Flea Plus/Ozzie's Fort/Flea Vest

Flyclops/Blk Omen/Gold Stud

Fossil Ape/Giant's Claw/Lapis

Free Lancer/Denadoro Mt./Barrier

Gargoyle/Mt. of Woe/Big Hand

Gato/Leene Square/Power Meal

Giga Gaia (head)/Mt. of Woe/Speed Tab

Giga Mutant (bottom)/Blk Omen/Hit Ring

Giga Mutant (Top)/Blk Omen/Wall Ring

Gigasaur/Giant's Claw/Ruby Armor


Gold Eaglet/Forest Maze/Ether

Golem/Zeal Palace/Magic Tab

Goon/Blk Omen/Nova Armor

Great Ozzie/Ozzie's Fort/Ozzie Pants

Green Imp/Guard Forest/Tonic

Hetake/Guard Forest/Tonic

Hexapod/Sunken Desert/Barrier or Lapis

Incognito/Blk Omen/Muscle Ring

Ion/Hunting Range/2 feathers

Jinn/Ocean Palace/Lapis

Jinn Bottle/Heckran Cave/Shield

Kilwala/Mystic Mt./Petal

Krawlie/Sewer Access/Mid Ether

Lavos Spawn (head)/Death Peak/Elixir

Lavos Spawn (head)/Blk Omen/Haste Helmet

Lavos Spawn (shell)/Death Peak/None

Lavos Spawn (shell)/Blk Omen/Safe Helmet

Laser Gaurd/Geno Dome/Full Tonic

Leaper/Giant's Claw/Shield

Lizardactyl/Giant's Claw/Hyperether

Macabre/Death Peak/Full Ether

Mage/Northern Ruins/Barrier

Magus/North Cape/MegaElixir

Mammon Machine/Blk Omen/MegaElixir

Man Eater/Mt. of Woe/Pearl Edge

Martello/Blk Omen/HyperEther

Meat Eater/Lab 16/Ether

Mega Mutant (bottom)/Blk Omen/Vigil Hat

Mega Mutant (top)/Blk Omen/Elixir

Megasaur/Reptite Lair/Aeon Blade

Metal Mute/Blk Omen/HyperEther

Mohavor/Sunken Desert/Shield

Mother Brain/Geno Dome/Blue Mail

Mud Imp/Terra Cave/Speed Tab

Nereid/Sewer Access/Ether

Nizbel/Reptite Lair/Third Eye

Nizbel II/Tyrano Lair/Third Eye

Nu/Hunting Range/Mop

Octopod/Lab 16/Mid Ether

Ogan/Denadoro Mt./Shield

Omnicrone/Magus' Lair/Ether

Panel/Blk Omen/Speed Tab

Poly/Truce Canyon/Ether

Proto 2/Arris Dome/Tonic

Proto 3/Factory/Full Tonic

Proto 4/Geno Dome/Barrier

Rain Frog/Hunting Range/2 feathers

Reaper/North Ruins/Elixir

Red Beast/Terra Cave/Elixir

Red Scout/Ocean Palace/Barrier

Reptite (Brown)/Tyrano Lair/Mid Tonic

Reptite (Green)/Reptite Lair/Magma Hand

Retinite (Core)/Sunken Desert/Speed Tab

Roly Poly/Heckran Cave/Mid Tonic

Ruminator/Blk Omen/MegaElixir

Runner/Mystic Mt./Horn

Rust Tyrano/Giant's Claw/Red Mail

Scouter/Ocean Palace/Lapis

Sentry/North Ruins/HyperEther

Shist/Dactyl Nest/Petal

Shitake/Reptite Lair/Petal

Son of Sun (Eye)/Sun Palace/Black Mail

Son of Sun (Fire)/Sun Palace/Elixir

Spekkio/End Of Time/Can't Steal

Stone Imp/Mt. of Woe/Mid Ether

Super Slash/Ozzie's Fort/Slasher 2

Synchrite/Blk Omen/Gold Earring

T'pole/Cursed Woods/Mid Tonic

Terra Mutant (Bottom)/Blk Omen/Power Seal

Terra Mutant (Top)/Blk Omen/Muscle Ring

Terrasaur/Tyrano Lair/Lapis

Tubster/Black Omen/Power Tab

Volcano/Tyrano Lair/Lapis

Winged Ape/Forest Maze/Ruby Vest

Yakra XIII/Guard Castle/White Mail or an Iron Blade

Zeal/Blk Omen/MegaElixir

Zeal (left arm)/Blk Omen/Prism Helmet

Zeal (right arm)/Blk Omen/Prism Dress