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From 65,000,000 BC, she is a strong warrior who can do some major damage. You cannot equip her with any weapons and she has no magic but she still does heavy damamge. She is in an never ending fight against Azala and the reptites.

Weapons For Ayla


Iron Fist-level 73-Confuses enemy + Many critical Hits (i've gotten it!)

Bronze Fist-Level 96 (i've gotten it!!)-Not as many critical hits but when it does, 9999 damamge


Kiss- Recovers some of one member's h.p.

Rollo Kick- Jump-kicks an enemy twice

Cat attack- Ayla attacks twice biting and scratching

Rock Throw - Ayla throws an enemy in the air

Charm - Ayla will steal an item from the target

Tail Spin - Ayla spins, causing a tornado, damaging all enemies in range

Dino Tail- A large dinosaur's tail comes down and damages all enemies. The lower Ayla's h.p., the greater the damage

Triple Kick - Ayla kicks one enemy three times with all her strength