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Here are some pictures of Rent projects I have done in the past year (98-99):

***Please read my speech I wrote for English!!
This is my favorite RENT paper and I am very proud of it and all it's content.

Front view of RENT project

Left side view of RENT project

Top view #1

Top view #2

Top view #3

I started this project at the begining of October and it has gone through a few changes.
The characters present on the project are: Mark, Roger, Mimi, Maureen, Benny, Joanne, Collins, Angel, Roger's mom, Alexi Darling-ish character, the man, and the oh-so adorable Squeegie Man!

Here's a picture my sister drew in pastel, inspired by Jen Aubry's "Sand Glass"...she gave it to her too...well "snail mail" that is.
Sand Glass inspiration

For art class we have to do Christmas related panda bears for...Christmas. Can ya take a guess at what my sister did???
Front of Angel-Bear
Back of Angel-Bear

Here is a pic of me and my "padlocked door" I made for New Years! Like my Mark scarf?? I had to improvise on the camera!
"Pan to the padlocked door..."

***This is a hush-hush pic for now but I'll put it up anyway. It's a picture I drew for Trey Ellett's birthday this year...Trey as Mark gone japanamation!!

Anime Trey as Mark

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