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MÖBIUS, The Poetry Magazine

PO Box 7544
Talleyville, DE 19803-0544

Jean Hull Herman, Editor

The price of MÖBIUS is $8 per issue, with subscriptions at $14. The copyright for the magazine has been granted by the Library of Congress to Jean Hull Herman, Editor. MÖBIUS, THE POETRY MAGAZINE is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation within the meaning of IRS Tax Code Section 501 (c)(3). The magazine's Library of Congress number is ISSN 1071-9865.

Guidelines for Submitting:
The Editor looks for the informed mind responding to the challenges of reality and the expression of the imagination in poetry with intelligence and wit. You may submit three poems (no more than three poems per person will be considered) for each semi-annual issue. Type the poems -- handwritten pieces will not be read. Give your poem a title. (Untitled is not adequate.) One poem per page. Poems longer than one page will be considered. Put your name and address on each poem, on the same side of the page as your poem, not on the back. Send a SASE with adequate postage. Help the Editor! Shorter poems as well as longer ones will be considered. General topics include: humor; the great philosophical questions (who are we? why are we here? and so on); response to art; response to nature; science and technology; romance and love; relationships; the events of and thoughts about everyday life; and examples of poetic formats, from couplets, quatrains, sonnets, sestinas, and limericks, to innovative forms. Editor is extremely partial to correct punctuation. Submit poetry only by postal mail, please. No electronic submissions considered. Simultaneous submissions are considered. MÖBIUS retains no rights to any work printed.

If your work is chosen to appear in MÖBIUS, we will notify you and send you one free copy of the magazine. If your work is not chosen, it will be returned to you. The Editor comments by correspondence on rejections. Response time is three weeks to three months.

About Mobius:
Established for the encouragement of writers and the advancement of poetry as one of the fine arts, MÖBIUS was first published in 1982. The anthology is published semi-annually, at Memorial Day and Thanksgiving. Writers from all countries will be considered; however, only poems in English are printed. Published poets as well as beginning poets are welcome.

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