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PuFFs Paint Shop

If you want your av painted click

here very good design av artists Its a

Kick Ass Paint Room


Crayolita Homepage

Una de las Mejores Paginas de Chismes

que e visto tienen que verla

Felicidades Crayolita por Tu page

Other Linkx

The VP in-NoRMaL PaGE UN-NoRMal MeGa AV's and song Gestures from QuiNn & sMee & BoSSy & CaTTi & EyES
VP Goodies Vp patch downloads,info, (nice site)
AAvatars AAvatars (Anime Avatars)
Mods Hell Hole Mods Site, (Patches he's made for vp, utilitys etc.)
Puppet's Place Puppet's Place, Great site for getting protected against idiots, patches upgrades
Ings Av/Gesture links Huge link site, over 950 links
The Avatar Factory Big site, Avatars, Gestures
Font Freak Font Site
Web FX Mall Fonts,Fonts,Fonts, and more Fonts
PSP links Tubes links, Filter Links, Tutorial Links
PSP Brushes Nikkis Brushes
Skeldale's PSP Site PSP Site, tubes, filters, brushes, Tutorials
Jaded with Abie Jaded with Abie(babydolls site)
CoZmA's Tubes Tubes made by CoZmA
Cajsa's Tower Come to Caj's Tower and get your Avatars painted or shop from our incredible selection of regular and mega avs.
Artists Unique Av paint shop A new and unique paint shop for regulars and mega Av's
Lil Touch of Style Av Painting with style. Lots of talent here!
VP Friends Paintroom Lookin for a friendly place to have your AVs done? You found us! This is what painting is about, the love of doing it, not for competing.
Jaz59&Lil Jugs AV Painting Studio Megas,BG's,Tubes,Gestures,Indian room,Lovers room,B-Day room,BRB signs,Veterans Megas,Seasonal Megas.You want it,We got it!!
VP City Get All Virtual Places and Paint Shop Pro Needs!
Rain and Velvet's Favorite Links Links Site
Minnies Paint Tipi Native American AV Painting site Music Sample AV's ,This AV painting site is different then most. I change the music (all native music) quite frequently. Friendly people are there to paint, and chat. Minniehaha (me) welcome all to come
Riders VP Page Tubes,Fonts,Filters,Avs,Gestures,Apps,VB,ICQ,and more...
KiKn's Tubes and Background av's These tubes and background av's are all orginal. So come visit me at my page...i'm sure you'll like them.
VP Linx Virtual Places Links
Zacks Archives PsP Tutorials
Wicked Creations by _.-MaNiCDePrEsSiV-._ Come check out our awesome selection of megas and get it painted by some of the most WICKED painters in VP!! What r u waiting 4?!?!?! CLICK THE LINK ALREADY!!
Damage Inc.'s Darkest Hour A Site dedicated to dark/goth/vamp/fantasy Avatars. Cutsom painting plus a selection of "dark" Avatars for download.
Gprzz and Gator's Back Porch -n- Paint Parlor Nice Avatar Painting Site
Tabu Avs Nice site, large archive of Avatars
Allo Avatars to Download
Highwinds Artsy fartsy Paint Shop Avatar Paint Shop
Foo's List O' Links Over 1,000 links for all kinds of stuff.
|2Tg egn`Z V egn`Z This is the place to be, to get all yo'all shiet! Megaz, Normal, Gesturez, downloads... so cruise ova ere if u want prestige designz done to ur av.
WaRp aSyLuM Just starting av/gesture/tours site with a very user friendly format unlike most av sites. Check it out!
Slys Avs Avatar Site
Dave's Gesture Emporium Gestures for Vp. Included are Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, David Letterman, South Park, and other miscellaneous ones.
VPlaces99 The #1 Vplaces site on the Net!
Paint Me Nice Avatar Painting, And PSP Classes site.
Marie's Tubes