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I really want a domain in the worstest way! If you have one and would like to host me, email me!! Especialy if you own!! This site is good enough, don't you think?? I have no idea why they didn't choose it!!! Ahhh!

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Listen up. This site *is* hacked. No, I'm not mandy and I'm glad as hell I'm not. She's an immature, whiny little brat. You may be a bit confused, so allow me to introduce myself: My name is Kathryn, and I hate Mandy. Always have--ever since this site came out. I emailed her once, talked to her a bit, and what can I say? She's impatient and sticks to you like glue. Its annoying. Oh, and as for that Mmmbop Button at the bottom of the page--she stole it from Hanson Sugar, but insists in her gbook that I put it in. *rolls eyes* Looks like Mandy is not only immature, impatient, whiny, AND bratty; she's also a liar. And she actually thought she knew who hacked this site! Ummm, no. Think again! Yeah I *know* who Mandy thought hacked her site. I know because that person emailed me at least 100 times cursing me out and saying how I *ruined* her life by making lil' ol' mandy believe she was the hacker. Look, sweetie, I don't know you, and I don't care if mandy hates you. So shove it. Mandy, it wasn't the person w/ the email address:
who hacked your site. So stop acting like a know-it-all and just get on with your life while I have a little fun with your shitty site. I'm sorry to those of who didn't even notice!! Like Shannah (or however you spell it) asked me to be sister sites with her! *laughs* Never. Her site was a total carbon copy of HITZ tribute anyway. And she tries to talk like erica, too!! Its hilarious... But thats beside the point. I just figured I would let mandy know how stupid she was.


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Hanson added some tour dates going to Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma!!check it out.

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Every thing on this page is (c)!!! *email me if you know how to do that copyright sign!!* You can NOT take anything from here! I made all the graphics and they may not be altered in any way! Do it your own way. hanson did! And don't you dare steal this layout!

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