Basic 'Coleman' slide: Cliff Coleman, the legendary downhill skater from Berkeley originated this move and has developed it into an artform. If your speed is getting away from you, or traffic is coming, or you need to come to a stop for whatever reason, just lay out a Coleman slide. This move can be a lifesaver. First, you need to cut a piece of UHMWPE (cutting board plastic) about 4" square by 1/2" thick and shoe-goo it to the palm of your left glove (this is written for regular, if you are goofy just reverse everything). Now, with a bit of speed, carve a frontside drop-knee g-turn (crouch down fully and be sure to roll your back foot), as you carve plant your left hand and let it drag. Pull the carve tighter and keep your weight forward - you want to push the nose and keep the tail from sliding out. As the board breaks into a full-on powerslide allow your sliding hand to support some weight. Hold your position as you slide (don't extend your legs or you'll end up sliding on your butt) and bring your free hand around smoothly as if to wave to someone back up the hill. This is important as swinging the free hand controls the slide direction and stops the 'pendulum' swing from over-rotating. From here you can stop and get off, or stand up and kick-turn back down the hill, or whatever. This may sound a bit complicated but it is a natural move and easy to learn. These slides are a lot of fun and safe to do, even with real speed. The only drawback is that these slides will chew up wheels fast!
Randal in a Coleman slide Randal Speed trucks

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