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Yaesu VX5

Here is some information that I have collected on the YAESU VX-5.

This page includes some tips that might help you out with your VX-5 or you might find the information helpfull in another way. Also there are some links to some other VX-5 sites.

The VX5 has a bit of an odd connector for the speaker mic external connection. This means that the appropriate 3.5mm 4 ring connectors have to be sourced from somewhere.

I have done some experimenting in this are and havbe come up with the following ideas:

With a standard 3.5mm phones jack, it is possible to serve all the functions that the 4 ring plug will. It is a little bit tricky and there are a couple of things to watch out for, but it is possible to do it.
For TX and RX audio, the plug is inserted into the jack so that it is about 2 or 3mm proud of where it would normally seat in the jack. This makes connection with the speaker, microphone and ground connections.
The main problem with doing things this way, is that you run the risk of shorting out the transmit and ground lines and therefore transmitting constantly.
The other thing to note is that if the plug is not in the right position, then the radio will not transmit from the external plug.

A detailed VX-5 modification page can be found at:

Programming cable for the VX-5. (This is a programming cable for the VX-1, but they are the same. I have built one and had it working.)

You can order a VX-5 pocket reference book from this site.

The software refered to on this page can be downloaded from

The radio.

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