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Welcome to my music page.


Here is some music that I have gathered from the Amateur radio network sent by others in the amateur radio community.
I have a large collection of these files on my computer however, they would probably not all fit onto the allocated web space that I have here!
I will put a selection of these songs on my page and I will try to increase the list...
The second lot is some songs that I have coppied onto the computer using various programs to write the music in with.

Enjoy your listening!

Winner takes all

The Rhythm of the Night.

A Thousand Eyes

Baby Face

Calendar Girl

I am not sure of the name of this one...?

Here are some songs that I have copied onto the computer.
He is exalted.

Father I thank you.

We have come into His house.

The power of Your love.

Shout to the Lord.

Bind us together.

View all the files in my MIDI directory.

Do you have any MIDI songs? I would be interested in listening to them!
Please e-mail me! and tell me about them.