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Amateur Radio

Welcome to my amateur radio page.
If you don't know what amateur radio is, then let me try to explain it to you.
For those that already know, this will be basic knowledge about amateur radio...

Amateur radio opperators, sometimes referred to as "Hams", are a group of radio operators that can be found world wide.
It is a hobby that is enjoyed by many people that have an interest in radio and electronics. The fact that not just anyone can walk up and obtain their amateur radio licence attempts to keep the "ratbags" off the air. Although this only keeps the honest people off amateur radio.
To get your licence, an exam involving basic electronics and also a regulations exam have to be passed to obtain the basic licence. If you do not have this licence, then you run the risk of being tracked down and your equiptment take off you and a fine imposed.
If you want to know more about amateur radio then feel free to e-mail me.

Visit a page created by the WIA (Wireless Institute of Australia) about what Amateur Radio is and means to the opperator.

Here is some other information on some aspects of Amateur Radio.

VX-5 information page. You will find some links and some other information that I have gathered about the VX5 on this page.
Radio on Rails Page. Have you ever seen someone having a general chat to someone while walking around or on the train/tram/bus talking into a device that is similar to a mobile phone, but doesn't look quite right for a mobile? Well have a look at this page then and you might find something out!

Leighton Judd - VK3TLJ