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I must appologise to those who didn't know their pictures were here. If your picture is here, and you don't want it to be because I have not told you or there is some other reason, then please let me know.
- Leighton

Here are some pictures that I have scanned in to the computer. I have now got access to a colour scanner! But black and white looks good also... The colour pictures are larger than the black and white ones also...

If you want more information on some of these pictures, then go to my pictures information page.

(Click on the image for a larger picture.)
[The SL Waterwitch.]
[The most recent pic of me.]
[Grampians Group Photo.]
[Another pic of me]
[Candice and Natalie]
Natalie (on the right) is my sister.
Yes, finally a picture of my sister is on my web page!! ;)
An older photo (1993) of me.
[Morris Minor.]
[My Tabby cat.]
Leighton, Kate, Megan and Andrew.
[Year 12 formal (1998).]

Much to Andrew's demand.....
[Formal picture in colour.]
[My cousin, Justin.]
[Justin and Laura.]
[Group photo]
[Rebecca, Rebecca and Andrea]
[Aloma and Jessica]
[Me (Leighton - in a tree)]
[Aloma and her Cake]

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