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My Links Page.

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My Minyos - RMIT Page
My Test Web Page on PHP
Music Page. I have transfered some music onto the computer as MIDI files. You can download it and listen to it. There is also some music here that I have aquired in MIDI format from "Packet Radio".
Send a SMS (Short Message Service) to someone with a mobile phone.
If you know some interesting web pages, then please e-mail me.


My Friends Pages

Andrew Ryan's Home Page (Check out DWChess)
Or visit Andrew Ryan's old home page.
Here is another page created by, Raeh M. Dragonchild.
The Home of Forrest.
Visit the Longwarry Fire Brigade site.
Created by Steve Forrest.
Branton's Home Page and the "Structured Alphabet Kit."


Amateur Radio Links.

Being an Amateur Radio operator, I would naturally like to put up a page on the Internet telling you about some good sites that are related to the Amateur Radio field of things.
If you have any sites that you know of, send me an e-mail telling me where I can find the site and what it is roughly on it.
I am sure that there are many various Amateur Related sites or even sites that have some sort of connection to Amateur Radio. If you know of a good one let me know!

VK2CA's VK Classifieds website.
Radio on Rails Page. Have you ever seen someone having a general chat to someone while walking around or on the train/tram/bus talking into a device that is similar to a mobile phone, but doesn't look quite right for a mobile? Well have a look at this page then and you might find something out!
A link to WinPack can be found here.
I personally use WinPack and find it a very good program.
Thanks to Roger G4IDE for a really great program.
SSTV Programs.
Maybe you will find a SSTV program here to suit you.
Maybe you could even make up a simple HamCom circuit.
It is simple and given the right software, it will decode anything from Packet to RTTY to Pagers and more.
If you like music in midi format and want to visit a good site with good links to other sites, then I suggest you visit Ausie-Ron's page.

Leighton Judd - [VK3TLJ.]