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Leighton Judd - VK3HLJ

For those that do not know, "VK3HLJ" is my Amateur Radio (Ham) call sign.

Amateur radio is one of my hobbies. I decided to extend my basic knowledge of electronics to the communications side of things. Since I have had my licence I have had the opportunity to make a number of friends on the radio.
I am also a member of WICEN (Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Network) which is a network of amateur radio operators that provide a communication link for various events and in the case of an emergency.

I have an interest in boats, in particular sailing and steam driven boats. I have a little 11 ft sail boat that I take out at times. (When I get a chance!) I have also been involved in the restoration and the running of a 25 ft steam launch called the "SL. Water Witch". This has lead me to do some training so that I can sit my Boiler Operator and Coxswain (boat drivers licence) Exams.

Some of my other many hobbies are bike riding, bush walking/hiking.

Now it is time to extend my knowledge of electronics to a higher level. I have just finished my VCE (Year 12) and I am now starting Electronics Engineering at RMIT this year.

I have a little 1956 Morris Minor which I drive around where I live. I am also a member of the MMCCV (Morris Minor Car Club of Victoria).
If it is old, then I generally like it! Vintage cars, classic cars, old oil engines, steam engines, old radio equipment.

I also like to collect things. Nothing in particular, but mainly things that are electronic. You never know when it might come in handy! ;)

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Leighton Judd. VK3HLJ.