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Amateur TV

I have a project in mind for an ATV repeater and transmitting station for the Geelong area.

The idea is to be able to put Geelong on the map where it comes to sending ATV transmissions. The posibility of also being able to link such a device in with VK3RTV would also hopefully bring in some more interest into sending ATV in and around the Geelong area.

There are a few things to consider though.
VK3RTV already uses frequencies of 1250 Mhz in and 444.250 Mhz out.
What this means for another repeater that it has to use different frequencies. This is fine for 1.2 Ghz because there is still another frequency that can be used. There is a second ATV channel on 1283 Mhz that can be used. There is also another frequency that can be used on 426.250 Mhz however this could be a problem.

It seems that this part of 70cm is going to be withdrawn from amateur service. So for a long term setup, this may not be a good option to follow.

The next option is to go higher in the bands.
There are frequencies allocated for ATV on 2.4 Ghz.
The only dilemma about using 2.4 Ghz is getting there. What has to be thought about at this stage is what is going to be on which frequency. 1.2 Ghz would probably be more suited to be the receive frequency (transmitt of the repeater). The reason for this being that there are analogue satellite receivers that cover these frequencies and can be used to recieve ATV signals on this band.
It therefore seems sensible to have the repeater input on 2.4 Ghz and the output on 1.2 Ghz. Hopefully this will make it easier for people to receive the ATV signals at a low cost to the ATV viewer.

Then next feture to think about is the possibility of a link to VK3RTV. This would provide great coverage through the linking of these two repeaters and it would also allow people to view ATV signals on 444.250 also.

This is just a rough sketch of my ideas for such a device.
If you have any comments or suggestions, then I would appreciate it if you could pass them on to me.
You can contact me by e-mailing me. I would appreaciate any comments, suggestions or help that you might be able to offer.

Leighton - VK3TLJ

The VK3RTV website contains lots of information about the VK3RTV ATV repeater and also information about ATV operators and more information relating to ATV.

Leighton Judd - VK3TLJ