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Can you guess who is who?

I have twins sisters. Their names are Katerina and Angela and they are two years old. Can you guess who is who? I'll give you some hints.Katerina has brown eyes. Angela has hazel eyes. Katerina has less hair and it is dirty blonde. She is lighter than Angela. Angela has a lot of hair. It is wavy and dark brown. Angela is darker. They have always weighed about the same, and they are the same height. But that is all that is the same.



Katerina is the older one. Her nickname is Kitten because that is what she was like as a baby.I got to pick her name. I hope she likes it. She was born 9 minutes before Angela I don't think Angela is going to like that. Like Angela she was born 9 weeks early. They stayed in the hospital for 1 month. I used to visit them everyday with my mom. Katerina is in love with Barney. She likes to have him around. She watches him on TV everyday. It was the third word she said. She likes Baby Bop to, but doesn't care about BJ. When the Barney Show came to our town she went crazy. She carried the ad from the paper all day. So we all went to see it on my birthday. Katerina listens to her Barney tapes everyday on the ride to my Nani's house. Sometimes I wish the tape would break, but it makes her happy. Katerina talks more than Angela. She says: Barney, apple, Bop, eat, cookie, mama, dada, up, down, hooray, baba, ball, bye bye, book, good girl, I do it, no, no way, yes, baby, pease for please and mine. She said all that when she was about 1 and a half. Now she doesn't shut up! She likes to color now that we have our easel up, and she uses the paper.She also loves her books. She will sit and turn each page one at a time and does not rip them. Katerina doesn't like to sit and eat or sleep. She does not like sweets. She doesn't like strangers and hates it when mama and dada go out and don't take her with them.


Angela is the baby of the family. Her Nickname is Angie or ALALA. One of the kids at daycare could not say Angela and called her ALALA and now everyone says it. When she was still in my mom's belly they thought she was a boy. Mom said that no girl could move so much. She was wrong. Angela stayed in the hospital the same time as Katerina. The nurses said we named her right because she was an Angel. Maybe they switched babies. Mom says she is an imp. Angie likes Barney but she likes Baby Bop more. She learned to say Bop first. She loves to watch Barney on TV too. But Angie likes to sleep with Elmo like I did. (I still love Elmo.) Angie is always getting onto trouble. She is the one that colored our walls with the crayons. She also takes the inside of the potty out and puts it on like a hat. She can climb anything and is always on the go. Mom says she has a lot of energy. When she gets in trouble she smiles at you and you can not get mad at her. Mom says we are in trouble. Angela can say: mom, dad, up, down, cookie, no, no way, book, Barney, Bop, Arthur, Elmo, pease for please, tete, baba, ball, bye bye, hello, and mine. Now that she is two she really likes to say things like "I don't wanna" or "give me ,MINE!" She calls Katerina Pitamina. I hope she doesn't call her that forever. Angela likes to make wood puzzles. Angela does not like to eat meat. She likes to eat carrots, peas, pasta and everything sweet. She can eat more icecream than I can. Angela likes to talk to anyone and say bye bye to them, but she does not like it when her mom and Dad are not around.

They both love the Teletubbies. Angela loves LAA-LAA and Katerina loves PO. I love TINKY WINKY. You can visit our teletubbies site. If you think I have it bad go visit Triplets.

It is hard to have twin sisters. Everyone always pays attention to them and sometimes I get jealous, but I love them. My parents always make sure that we all have special time with them. But sometimes people ask dumb questions about them and it bugs me.

Dumb Question or Remarks

1) Are those twins?

2) Are they boys?

Mom and I hate this since they are always in girl clothes.

3) Are they identical?

As you can see they are not .

4) Are they yours?

Would we do this if they weren't.

Can you believe these questions?? I think they are the cutest babies in the world and I love them lots.



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