Jon Peirce


Born and raised in San Diego California. He was 13 years old when he got his first drumset.Jon has been playing for 8 years, and as amazing as it seems, is completely self taught.

This prodigy's first group was a garage band called Static (in which one of our guitarists Eric also played in). This band lasted about 3 and 1/2 years until creative dfferences pulled the two aspiring musicians apart.Junk Mans Jesus, Jon's second band, was formed when Jon decided to expand his heavy metal style, and this was a period in which the drummer developed much of his style he holds today. He claims many of his major influences as Taproot, Tool and Slipknot.Tetrahydrocannibonal, which later emerged into Krak was more of an experiment for Micheal and Jon. It didn't last long until it became apparent their style could not be contained in the sedated state the name THC refered to and Krak was born.They have played local venues in Murfreesboro, neamely Gentlemen Jims and The 'Boro. They have also been found playing house parties throughout the midstate area, but they recently have been staying in the lab, always trying to crack the cutting edge.

Jon is looking forward to cutting a demo in the coming weeks and distributing copies at shows.They will be making an album this fall, and touring after the album production.