Eric Cunningham


Eric Cunningham was born and raised in Eagleville TN. He has been playing guitar for 9 years now. He got his first guitar and musical inspiration he recieved from his parents as a gift. Between ages 13-15 he sang and played guitar with a three peice garage band, Static (which our drummer Jon Peirce was also a founding member). After over two years of developing his skill, he joined a band Silver0, a melodic harmonious band with sights set higher than house parties. In the five years he played with Silver0 they produced two full length albums, and toured throughout the southeastern United States. They had five years of consecutive production, and during this time Ez found much of his sound, drive, and his goals in the music industry.
When Eric was twenty years of age, Silver0 played there last show and he bagan to work the local scene trying to find his musical niche. He played with several projects before finding himself on the the same stage as the creative writing duo THC. The duo became a trio; the experience and style Eric brought to Micheal and Jon's unbridled aggression added whole other dimensions to the sonic pallette. The new sound of Krak was born and the world had been begging for mercy since.
Eric is working with Krak now doing the final cut of our bands very first full length album. He is the stable medium of uncontolled chaos bringing sense to the mathematical storm of poly-rhythmic insanity that is Krak.