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The story of JtHM

Okay. This may take a while to write, so I'll make it blunt. There's this homicidal maniac named Johnny c. (NNY to his friends) and he well.....kills people. He has three friends.... Nail Bunny, Mr.Fuck, and Psycho Doughboy. Nail Bunny tells Johnny good things and tells him not to kill himself. He personally hates the two doughboys (Mr.Fuck and Psycho Doughboy) and wants them to leave NNY alone. Mr.Fuck (EFF for short) wants NNY to keep killing people until he can walk on his own without NNY. After he can walk on his own, he THEN want's NNY to kill himself. Confused? Better not be because there's a lot more to go. Then there's Psycho Doughboy. His nick name is D-Boy. So anyway, D-Boy want's NNY to kill himself to stop living. Now, there's this thing behind a wall called...well, it dosen't really have a name, but it's the doughboys master. The master, talks through the doughboy's to get to NNY. NNY dosen't want the thing to get out (neither does EFF. So now you know why he tells Johnny to keep painting the wall) so he covers the wall with blood. FRESH BLOOD. I mean so fresh, he kills the person, drags them back home, slits their throat's, and pours it in a bucket kind of fresh. But, anyway, when Nail Bunny goes away (dissaperes from NNY's imagination), NNY ends up killing himself and the thing gets out and kills this guy named Dillon. YAY!! It also ends up killing this other guy named Kirk, who you just KNOW is gunna get killed. There's also this girl named Tess. She was friends with Dillon. The universe ended up collapsing, but magically got restored. Well, except the people who were killed before the universe collaped. It's confusing. The Doughboys were killed by the thing in the wall. Tess and Kirk could hear them talk because they were alive, but not fully alive, so they were dying. The thing in the wall interrupted the nice little conversation and killed the two Doughboys...that's when Tess and Kirk ran. They end up going into NNY's room, and Kirk is really pissed at NNY for keeping him down in this basement forever. So he ends up killing NNY by stomping on his head. Hey...wait a minute...why am I telling you this!!? Go buy the freaking comic you lazy peice of shit!! So anyway, it doesn't end there. There's this girl named Devi (who I hate because she just sucks >:) ) who went on a date with NNY, but NNY wanted to "immortalize the moment" so he tried to kill her. But she ends up kicking his ass. Really BADLY. She's on the planet because she a "waste lock" destroyer. OH!! have I told you about that? When Johnny visited hell, the devil told him he was a "waste lock" and was on earth to kill everyone who deserved it. Pretty shitty no? Well, that's about it.....oh man, my back hurts from writing this, I could write more, but I don't feel like it.