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Welcome to the Review and Meeting area.  Here you can read about fans who have seen John in concert or have met him. If you have anything to contribute (reviews, stories, artwork, poetry etc.) send it in, it will be greatly appreciated!!!! Send it us.

Vanessa's phone conversation

Yeah it really happened! I don't care if you don't believe me or not, but it did happen and it was really surprising because it just goes to show stars really do care about their fans! The conversation was short and hurried, but i could have cared less! He basically thanked me for the page, and i said it was no problem. He asked if we'd met when he was in Canada, and i said no.
I asked if i should refrain from putting certain things on this page and he said no i can put stuff up, like the fact i talked to him! After asking if i'd like to be hooked up with passes and stuff like that, he had to get going because he was on his way out. After the call, i checked the number to make sure it was not a crank, and sure enough the number was from somewhere in California... a REALLY big thanks to Guitarman, w/out his support and help, this page would not be half as good as it is!

Vanessa's John5 review

Well as you know, I went to the MA concert in Mississauga, Ontario on November 18th. My friends and I waited outside since 2 pm that day! When the doors finally opened, i ran right up and got to the barricades. I was in front of John5, who stood less than 3 feet away!. He came out looking incredibly stoned and inhuman. [i like the blue hair very much!] He cocked his
head to the side, with the blank stare of his for much of the time. He'd also do his trademark head shaking [which is really amazing to me cos whenever i do something like that i usually end up falling over]. Manson would come over and grind up with John every now and then. At one point, John stuck his tongue out and let the spittle drop onto the security guard below him. After that he stared right at me and spat right onto me and the person next to me. He did that a second time, but the first was the worst cos i could not wipe it off... :Q

Natalie's John5 Review

I was at the concert that Vanessa was at (above) and it was really great. But I also got to meet John and the crew in Auburn Hills (Detroit) Michigan...

Our passes came in around 6:30pm and we went and watched the show... which was one of the best shows of Manson I have seen yet.  When the show ended, about 50 people with backstage passes gathered in a section of the seats... one by one they yelled our names (members if the radio revolution... 14 of us) and we got in line... we were put in this hall way for about 45
minutes with John and Ginger walking by numerous times. Eventually the security guard came and said something like "I'm going to bring you in now, they want to meet you, but keep in mind that they just played a show and they are tired, so try to
be respectful ... get your autographs and let someone else go through... and NO CAMERAS" ... which was kind of disappointing.

I was the first one to walk in (most people just stood there clueless) and I walked through the curtains.  There was only the band members in the room, which made me a little nervous having all of them staring at me. I got enough courage to start though.. On the first couch there was John sitting by himself, then there was Twig and Pogo on the other, followed by Manson and Ginger. The whole band showed up for this one... not to mention they were listening to Nirvana. There was a Motley Crue flag hanging and a live video on the table, among many other things.

So I stepped towards John 5, he is amazing, a far better guitar player then Zim or Daisy. My friend commented on how he has been the best guitarist to play Lunchbox"... he replied with "Thanks, thanks a lot". I asked him to sign my poster. I was wasn't focused on anything, my ears were messed because of the concert and I had 8 people behind me pushing me forward. I had no choice but to move farther on.

Next  it was Twiggy,  he was talking to someone on the left of him and I didn't want to intrude on anything ( I also had nothing important to say). I think he was wearing that pink sweater with the stripes and a blue jeans. I'm not sure on the make up really, very little. I was warned by people that Twiggy was an asshole, but really, he was quite polite to everyone. I

Pogo was swaying back and forth... drinking his beer... he went on to talk about how he threw out his pager and telephone, his computers, all that "bullsh*t"... then one girl asked "Where do you live?" ... he said mumbled something about living on a bus and having a house in LA he wont stay in, I didn't hear why... He was wearing silver make up and I cant exactly remember the outfit, his hair was in the vertical spikes... he looked really cool. I think I shook his hand? well I sort of did. I didn't ask Twiggy, I just figured it would be better not to.

At this point, I moved to Manson.... whoa.... I kinda paused there for a minute, it was only at that point I realized what was really happening... so when he put his hand out and asked me my name... I kind of just stood there idiotically. I clued back in and returned the hand shake and mumbled "Natalie"... which he couldn't hear so he repeated "What was your name?" and I think I said it louder... maybe even softer... his hair had blue in it, so while he was signing my poster I was trying to figure out
whether it was make up or hair mascara... or hair dye... and I cant remember what happened after that. I do know that he was wearing red leather pants and a black shirt, with maybe a jacket over top, he had his old contact in (the blue one) and no
make up, or little anyway.

I remember being beside Ginger... I don't think I talked to him... my friend somehow ended up without his autograph. I did have it and I do remember liking his hair... but I didn't get a chance to really say anything to him... I was being pushed aside by
people who hadn't gotten their autographs yet (though there wasn't very many of us the couches were close together and there was a big table in the way with everyone tripping over each other)

So, with all that chaos I went back to my spot between Pogo and Twiggy, the same girls were still talking to Pogo, actually I think one stayed there the whole time with him. Twiggy was just kind of sitting there by himself and John was talking to his sister
that had come to the show. I was watching some car program on Tv. I didn't have anything else to do, I would occasionally listen in on the Pogo conversation and add a few things... or glance around the room, but I was basically done. There was still 5
minutes left I think... so I started talking to my friend.. who then went up to Twiggy and said something like "Are you guys coming back to Toronto, Canada?" Twiggy just shrugged and Ben mentioned "We really want to see you guys down there again" ... Twiggy Shrugged again and made some sort of movement... Pogo was still swaying, I mean, this guy has energy and talks about the most peculiar things...

Then the security guard said "ok guys, time to wrap it up" so I just kind of walked out and waited... maybe 15 minutes later the rest of them were "forced" out... I guess I just left out of respect, they all looked really tired and it was cool enough that they
would spend one minute with us let alone twenty. If you stay relaxed back there, then you really don't have a problem. Just don't try to clue into the situation, because it wont work. 

Sharee's review

I first met John back in May '98 when he played Edgefest here with Two. I'm friends with some of the bands that were playing there (Deftones, Sevendust, Coal Chamber, etc.) so my friend and I were waiting by the fence for them to get our passes. While we were waiting this gorgeous little blond guy was walking on the other side of the fence and I looked at my friend and was like "Oh my god dude, look at that guy!" I looked back and smiled at him and he smiled back and came over to me and introduced himself. (I had NO clue who he was, as I was not very familiar with Two at the time.) Then he asked if I would dance for the band Two. Well, I told him I would but I was 17 and that could get the band in a little trouble. So, I ended up not doing it, but I didn't really want to anyway there were about 28,000 people there I think, and A LOT of them knew me, or my parents - yuck, plus I had known a bunch of the musicians in the other bands that were there for quite some time and I didn't want their opinions of me to change. But anyway, we talked for a little bit and then John had to run. A few minutes later Morgan from Sevendust ran up to the fence and gave me my pass. So I went back and eventually found a way to get my friend back and the whole time we were back there I would run into John occasionally. He's such a cutie - I got a picture of him cuz I had never seen anyone who dressed so adorably. Then right b4 Two went on John came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder and said "Do you like my outfit??" He had on that adorable little black fishnet shirt that goes around his neck and tiny lil black shorts. What a doll!! Of course I told him he looked wonderful and he told me to go watch the show cuz they "get all crazy". We watched as much of the show as we could and then I went backstage again and spent the rest of the evening with the Deftones so I didn't see him after that. It was really strange later when I heard the announcement that John had joined
Marilyn Manson. I was really excited for him. At the Halloween show in Minneapolis we talked to Marilyn's bodyguard and he gave me some aftershow passes. (I know some ppl he knows.) We waited and waited after the show was over, but Marilyn was hurt so they canceled the aftershow party. I was pissed cuz all I wanted to do was see if John remembered me or not. So
everyone was giving up and going home, and I decided to bring my friends and go wait by the bus to see if he would come out. As we were sitting there freezing our asses off in our little dresses in the 20° weather getting lectured by some local church girls, the crowd waiting by the barricades behind the busses started moving around, so I figured someone was out there. It was
John and Ginger so I went up to the barricade thing and yelled "John" and he looked over and was like "hi!" and I asked him if he remembered me and he said "I totally do!" So then I went and got my friends and my bag and he grabbed my hand and was like "come with me" so I grabbed my friends and he brought us back by the busses. John and I just talked for a few
minutes but I was cold so he told me to go get my jacket and come back. When we got back to the barricades he wasn't there and I was a little disappointed but as I was looking around a security guard grabbed my arm and started bringing me back. They wouldn't let my friends back this time cuz the security guy said "He only asked for you." So the guy drug me back to the
tour bus, knocked on the door and asked John "Is this the right one?" (I had bright rainbow colored synthetic braids back then, you couldn't mistake me for anyone else.) and John just said "yes, of course" and then he brought me on the bus. (Marilyn Manson's tourbus is so much nicer than all of the rest I've been on, it's awesome.) Twiggy, Pogo, Ginger and John were on there, everyone kinda doing their own thing. John and I just chilled there and talked for awhile about music and everything. My job is performing in a professional show band & he seemed to respect that a lot. He mentioned that he thought it was strange cuz a lot of people claim to be in bands but this was a "real" one that I could survive off and everything, and he thought that was
awesome. John's a very sweet, down-to-earth guy, I'm hella lucky that I got the chance to meet and get to know him a little better.

Gia's review

Around 5 pm we arrived at the Cow Palace. There was a good sized line of freaks, preppies, sluts and teenie boppers awaiting to enter the doors into the world of Monster Magnet, Hole and Marilyn Manson. We waited until 6:30 and the doors opened for all of us to cram into the general admission floor section. We ended up about 3-4 people back from the stage. It seemed so close, yet so far. My friend Amy and I had ate some shrooms earlier and we were trippin out on the strange music that played over the speakers above us. Monster Magnet came out and sang....I would go into detail, but since I don't really care for the band nor do I think any of you would find it interesting since it was quite boring.

Hole...although I heard nothing but negative things about Miss Courtney Love, I felt that she put on a very good show and the music kicked ass. The back drop was a water fountain painted on a white sheet with glitter to make it look like spewing water. There were more details to the back drop, but you would have to see it for yourself to see how wonderful it looked. Courtney gave away a guitar after her performance, I thought it was a rather nice gesture after the fact that she yelled at a "skinny goth girl" in the front row who had been flipping her off.  Manson...I can't believe how good the show was. It was too fucking good. It was one big orgasm. First off Manson was attached to the cross of television screens that slowly rose up, the sound effects and the lighting was outstanding. The cross caught fire later on in the show and the bright "DRUGS" sign came down as well. You will have to see the show for yourself to see how spectacular it was.

After finally finding a place to stay at Motel 6 in Sacramento, we took our showers and sat in bed thinking about the night time excitement we were about to face. We were on a guest list to meet Marilyn Manson that was made possible by the site. We got on the list because I won a contest called the "Radio Revolution" which was a contest that required everyone to call as many radio stations as you could and request any Manson song. After you acumulated a list of radio stations called, you report back to the Omega015 website to submit a form that told what station you called, what DJ was on the air at the time, what day and the time it was and what song they played. I won a pass for myself and made my friends participate in the contest as well and they won.

We didn't have to wait long before we were whisked away to the "promised land". We sat in a blank room which reminded me of a classroom in these fold up chairs where we were graced with the presence of Ginger Fish and John 5. Since my best friend loves Ginger, I pointed to him and she almost passed out. He was a very small person, skinny and shorter than I thought he
was going to be. The biggest flirt. He half hid behind a large pillar , staring out at the people in the room who were still sitting in their chairs. We decided to stand up and walk over to him , his hands were wet because he had been digging through a bin of ice and soda. He said he had to dry off his hands and he would come back to sign something. But after he had dried his hands,
he talked to a few girls who were trying to win points with the boys. These girls were obviously trying way too hard to win them over. But it worked because they had something special written on their passes that allowed them to stay longer. Ginger finally jumped over a bar and walked over to us. He smiled the whole time we were there, he was very kind to have talked to us and
sign my friend's poster and my boyfriend's CD and other items. I was so in awe, I forgot to whip out my only sign able object which was a ticket stub. John 5 came into the room, he literally lit up the room. He is so much better looking in person than he is in real life. He had on a cool purple jacket and black and white heeled shoes. Very spiffy indeed. He had a great personality and was very flirtatious. I even heard him tell a girl he wanted to marry her; she was already married! I was very shy about the whole thing since there were so many girls with tight and revealing clothes on that had no problem approaching them and getting attention. I thought to myself--this is my only opportunity to meet these people, I better just go over there. But before I could think about it any longer, a man came in and started calling out names. My boyfriend's name was called and he was told to go into a hallway. I had no idea what was going on then my name was called too and my best friend was also called in. We figured this must be something special for the Radio Revolution winners. We stood out in a hallway and we were forced to get into a single file line in front of a strange, dark room. We were not allowed to take pictures, which really pissed me off since I had my camera all ready. We went into the mysterious room which was very very small and dark. There was a couch in the back of the room, and sitting there was Twiggy and Marilyn Manson. On the right side of the room sat Pogo and Ginger and John 5. This seemed to be the dressing/make-up room because there was wet-naps and cotton balls and things everywhere.

I couldn't catch my breath.  I went up to Twiggy first, he had just taken off a pair of sunglasses and he signed my stub. He
shook my hand and it was very cold and wet. But he was a shy and gentle person. He was very very cute and you just wanted to take him home with you.

I approached John 5 again and he signed my ticket stub happily. My friend opened her poster she wanted signed and John 5 said, "Hey, who's that handsome guy?" Pointing to himself on the poster then signing it, circling the 5 in his name. What was really funny was Ginger and John 5 called my boyfriend "Pogo" about 3 times since he looks just like him. At both shows at least 50 people wanted to talk to him and wanted something autographed. I was too afraid to approach Pogo, since he is obviously my favorite band member and a very powerful inspiration in my life. It was like a christian meeting Jesus, I was meeting my personal Jesus, and my heart was pounding. I went up to him, he was rocking back and forth with a beer in lap, I introduced myself and gave him my sculpture I had made him, but sadly, it got crushed in the midst of the Courtney Love fans in the front rows. I handed it to him and told him it was Courtney's fault it was crushed and he said , "Everything's Courtney's fault". I loved that. Then he stood up and called out someone named Jonathan and handed the crushed Pogo sculpture with the red glittery keyboard all in pieces to him and asked him to put it on the tour bus. Jonathan took it and went out the door with it, god knows what happened to it after that. I had Pogo sign my ticket stub and my boyfriend mentioned to him that I needed a hug. I could feel myself blushing and Pogo stood up and hugged me. He was bigger than I thought he was going to be, tall and muscular. Very nice. He had a very unusual voice and he looks very different than his pictures. He also had a huge bump on his forehead and said he hit it on the keyboard. I wanted to talk to him more, but the guards kept telling me to wrap it up. I touched his hair and played with a few of his limp spikes and that was all I did to him.

So Manson was the last person I went to and I was surprised to see how nice and happy he was. He smiled and shook my hand and signed my ticket, we really didn't get a chance to talk about anything because we were forced to leave. My boyfriend asked for a hug and Manson says:"I gotta stand the fuck up." And as he stood up, Manson says to my boyfriend, "You are a
tall motherfucker." As we were leaving, I noticed the girls with the "special" passes stayed in the room. I wondered if those girls were expected to perform sexual favors or if they were just friends of the band. I would love to know what THAT was all about. Other than that, it was an amazing experience and I will never forget how nice they were. Every single one of them were
sweet and cheerful. I will always have this in my memory, it was a dream come true.

Daath's review

New Year's eve in L.V my friend tanya, my husband and i were all at the hard rock hotel on new years eve to see marilyn manson in concert. we had gotten to the venue extremely early, so as to get right up in front of the band. it was a long boring wait, so we all took turns standing in line to insure our places. my husband was standing in line and my friend and i decided to cruise the floor of the hotel casino. we had split up for a short while and then met up, with my friend tanya saying: "lorry, lorry, i just met john5 and he is wonderful!" "lorry, you have got to meet him." i said to her, "okay, but please introduce me to him" so we both walked over to where john5 was standing. my first impressions of him was that he was taller than i imagined, about 6ft. tall at least...i am 6ft. and i was wearing platforms, so i was about 6'3. he was about my height,he probably was in platforms too, i can't really remember too much of what he was wearing, but he was with a stunningly, beautiful redheaded woman. he also is very skinny. my friend introduced me to him and we shook hands. i said to him. "hello, nice to meet you... good luck with the show tonight and have a happy new year" he said, "thanks, nice to meet you, too, happy new year" he seemed really and truly happy to meet my friend and i and he gave me a warm and friendly handshake. and a nice big smile.:) i didn't stick around long, because i really didn't know too much about him and i didn't want to be a pest. the night before i had met twiggy ramirez in a small bar inside of he hotel. he was with ginger fish. i am a huge twiggy fan. i introduced myself to twiggy and he shook my hand. i wasn't pushy or rude. i was friendly and polite and only talked with him for about the same time as i talked to john5, not wanting to be a pest. by comparison, twiggy ramirez was not very friendly at all. his ego is going to destroy him. it is really a shame, because twiggy is still my manson favorite. john5 is my second favorite. i always believe it doesn't hurt to be friendly to the fans who support you. john5 recognizes this. i believe that with or without marilyn manson john5 will go far. he a professional in every way, a great musician and really cute, too:) as far as his performance that night at the concert...i don't remember too much. i was standing in front of twiggy the whole time. i do remember john5 had his hair blonde, instead of blue and he didn't shake his head a lot at all or move around too much, but his playing was
impeccable and he looked great!!! lorry aka daath(dakini23)

UngodessX's review

November 13, 1998, The E-Center, Camden New Jersey (Philadelphia) Well, I didn't know anything about John 5 before the concert, but after the concert, that's a different story. My friend and I went to the concert- we had pit tickets. We got there early as usual so we could get up front, and we did. We were on the right side of the stage (our right) which is John 5's side. When he came out on stage, I had no clue as to who he was. I knew Zim Zum was gone, and there was a new member, and I was also confused with the whole name change/hair growth of Madonna Wayne/Pogo. All I knew was that this person (being John 5 with beautiful icy blue hair at the time) was about 10 feet from me... The whole concert was absolutely amazing.. but as
for the John 5 part of it, that was amazing too. I spent much of my time looking at him since he was the closet to me. I loved the way he played the guitar, his style and clothes (tight glitter pants, glittery shirt cut above his stomach, blue hair etc.) hekept shaking his head back and forth, while playing... he was just amazing. After the concert, I met him at the after party with my
friend. See, we had a present for the band (A pocket Taylor Hanson book wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper) as sort of a joke... you know, we thought it would be good reading material for them... So anyway, we decided to give it to him. Sarah pulled him over to us and whispered to him that she had something for him and he opened up his long fuzzy black coat and
hid it in there... and whispered back to us. We explained to him that it was very important and was for them and only them. He hugged both of us (separately) and gave us each a kiss on our heads. I must say he is one of the sweetest nicest people I have ever met. He was absolutely adorable. How could you not love him? Oh yes, and how could I forget.. he also spit on me
during the concert. .hee hee. 

G G's review

I met John5 backstage in Chicago 10/30/98. I felt stupid because I was dressed like a cheerleader (but I was going to a Halloween party afterwards)! The girl I was with was the one who really wanted to meet him because she had just found out she was his cousin and she had never even been to or heard of a Marilyn Manson concert. He said he was very happy about the upcoming 18 months on tour. Although the meeting was brief, he left a very lasting impression on me and I can't wait to see him play again.

John5chick's experience!

Ok, I recently went to the Manson concert in Camden, Nj, the one on Friday November 13th. Manson had specially set aside this date to play here because at his concert last year he really screwed it up and played for like only 20 minutes. But anyway, I am so in love with John and as soon as he came on the stage my eyes watered. He looked so adorable, with his tight black
plastic pants and his short shimmering halter top, and of course his huge platforms. And I was very small to how small he was even with them on, next to Manson he was only up to his neck. He looks very fragile and cute. He glitters like the north star. During the concert I noticed he walks fastly in circles when he plys his guiter, it looked as if he was trippin'. He also headbangs
back and forth. The best part of the concert was when I screamed I love John5, and he actually heard me, he looked smiled and nodded, like the "whats up" kinda thing. My heart stopped! Then throughout the concert he kept on glancing at me. Oh yeah and I had a halo on my head and he smiled at me when he saw it! This concert was like my best expierence ever!!!! 

Tanja's Hamburg concert/John5 review

My experience with John Lowery was on Dec13th at the MM concert in Hamburg,Germany.I can`t really judge about John`s guitar playing but it sounded amazing.The first time i saw John in the TV at the Mtv VMA`S my first impressions of him was that he doesn`t fit in the band.But now that i`ve seen him live infront of me I`m really enthusiastic.He looked absolutly great.And his clothes are really wierd.Everthing`s very tight and glitters just like a star in the sky.His guitars glitter aswell. He fits perfectly to the new style of the band.As he got out of the tourbus that was parking right next to the deadline and walked through the crowd not many seemed to notice him because they were all looking at Twiggy.But i did and shouted his name.He stopped and came over to me.He smiled politly and said "hi".He gave me his hand and than he walked away to the entrance of the "Großen Freiheit 36" (=Big Freedom36).These few minutes changed my impression of him.I liked his big glitter plateau shoes.He looks very fragile and the only thing you wanna do is to touch him.He was spitting on the people in the first row.He played some solos and it sounded very well.He often shakes his head very fast (i was wondering that he doesn`t get a headache...) and is moving around alot.I haven`t seen Zimmy playing live on the ACS Tour but i guess it is time to accept him as a full involved band member because he is a very good guitarist and i think Zim Zum would not have fit to the new style of the band as good as John.I guess you can really call John a freak and he really is an eye-catcher.So watch out for the next concert near you!

I saw Marilyn play in Vancouver with Hole, and we could see John back stage we were freaking
out and he was just sitting there waving back with the most adorable look on his face then he
blew us all kisses! He threw me one of his make-up smeared towels, and although this will sound
completley obsessive, I sewed it into a pillow, and I sleep with it every night. John if you are
reading this...I am in love!!!


june 27th, 1998 at Waldrock (a dutch festival, Two played their last European show there)  Because i walk on crutches i could stand in front of the fence, so i was as close to the stage as you could possibly get. While i was standing there at a certain moment John looked in my direction. He looked me straight into my eyes, and stuck his tongue out. I stuck my tongue back
at him and he smiled at me. The band was throwing T-shirts into the audience. John threw one into my direction, but it ended up behind the fence. He looked at me like "i'm sorry", and i sorta signaled that i wanted one too. He nodded his head, and played on. After that song was over he went to the side of the stage, grabbed a T-shirt and walked to the front of the stage. The whole udience was yelling: T-shirt, t-shirt. He pointed at me, to come to the stage, so i walked forward a bit and he gave me the T-shirt (dropped it in my hands).

After the show i really wanted to thank him, cause i thought it was really nice, so i tried to talk my way backstage. Usually this works real well, it usually doesn't take me more tan 3 minutes to get backstage at whatever concert. Ofcourse it didn't work like this now that i really wanted to get backstage. There was this farmer girl standing there at the gate, and she'd only let me
backstage if i wore some special bracelet thing, that showed that i was allowed backstage. A couple of minutes later this guy comes out of the gate, who i'd seen on stage. He was a sound technician or so... Don't know exactly what he did, but he recognized me from standing against that fence, sorta dancing. He told me i could come backstage with him. The girl still didn't like it, so he got me that bracelet thingy. I got one that allowed me everywhere (the same one all the artists had), while that girl had one which only got her into the backstage bathrooms. she was fucking pissed, but i didn't care.

When i came into the backstage bar John was sitting on a bench somewhere in the middle, he saw us come in and walked up to me. He gave me a hug and a kiss and introduced himself to me. I introduced myself, and thanked him for the T-shirt. I stayed backstage for a while, talked to John, and he introduced me to other people too, like Bob Marlette, that was real cool. He
was just real nice, and seemed really interested in all kinda stuff. He also asked about my leg, and i thought that was great. Not many famous people do that sorta things. I stayed there 'till they went back to the hotel. They asked me if i'd go with them to a club, they would pay my cab ride back, and things like that, but unfortunately i couldn't. I had to get back to my friends, who
didn't even know i was backstage, and i had been gone for 2 hours or even longer by then and they are always real worried about me because of my leg.

John was just real nice all the time, and i think it's a big loss for Two, that he's gone. Him playing guitar with Two was about the only thing that made Two really interesting. Marilyn Manson is lucky to have him, and it would be the biggest mistake ever if they'd get rid of him. He's just the best guitar player they've ever had, and i've ever met :-)