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Revised May 21, 2011

In the fairy tale, the Pied Piper was hired to use his powers of magic and mesmerizing to pipe the rats out of town.

When he did not receive the agreed upon pay, the enchanter hypnotized the children, bade them leave their parents and follow him. The piper then locked the children in a dark cave from which they could not escape.

What then is the moral of this story?

"Paint your therapists Wagon"
starring Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood

Currently seating in the balcony. Absolutely no leaving one's seat once the therapy has begun. You are in for the duration once this toxic therapy begins to mess with your mind.

Coming Attraction:

"Abbott and Costello meet the Therapist and blame their Mummy"

with Marie Windsor
Midnight Madness Feature:

"Invasion of the Body Snatcher Therapists"

with Donald Sutherland

archive of past attractions

Someone asked what the term shrink means. After giving the question some thought I have come up with these possibilities.
A shrink or therapist shrinks the following:

  1. your wallet
  2. your concept of reality
  3. your family relationships
  4. your circle of friends
  5. your view of God
  6. your faith
  7. your conscience
  8. your hope
  9. your morals
  10. your trust and loyalty to others
  11. your humility
  12. your true memories
  13. your ability to function
  14. your mental and physical health
  15. your independence
  16. your faithfulness
  17. your career
  18. your identity
  19. your sanity
  20. your life span

"It is surely one of the most amazing phenomena of the twentieth century that such absurd and disgusting psychofilth is regarded as credible by so many....If the scientific method is not sufficient to discredit them, then what is left in the armory of the commonsensible but the weapon of ridicule? Will laughter and scorn weaken the stranglehold of psychoanalysis on the culture of our age?"
Garth Wood: The Myth of Neurosis

"Quacks are the greatest liars in the world except for the patients who extol their medicines."
Benjamin Franklin

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