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Walking in you feel your soul start to chill , stealing your breath in fear.
Eyes darting into the pockets of blackness, pause....knowing their there.
The vice around your throat tightens more, as you struggle with this unknown terror seeping into your body.
Ahh, but fear not , these creatures born of darkness have much Honor within their dark souls.
Never injunctively harming any or installing fear in the less weaker.
For they live with the night , some by choice, some not.
And knowing of being "different" or "outcasted" simply because of who they are.
Yet not will you ever meet a family more filled with pride, or love for one another.
For yes , they might be darkness dwellers, but still they carry souls within.
So , you swallow your fear and enter into the Dark Immortals World , and meet these awesome creatures....

Looking back threw the ages, I sit and have to sigh. All that these tired eyes have seen and witnessed. Many envious of us, to be able to be immortal, yet what some see as a blessing, sometimes we view as a curse. My heart fills with darkness at thoughts of ones lost to me. To find a love, only to see Time send it's rages to batter their poor souls and bodies. To gaze upon a loved one as they age and wither, yet I remain the same. Anguish fills my soul at each loss. Walls build thicker as time goes on, yet I walk with pride at who and what I am yet to become. The wonders my sights have beheld, each day a new treasure opened before me. To be granted such a gift of discoveries humbles me. Blessing , Curse.... only how we see ourselves do we decide, for Fate has set us upon this path and we must follow it, with head held high. And only we choose whether we walk the dark path or light. For we live forever and must fight the good fight.

May Darkness Prevail