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Welcome to my web page this is about geneology and my family.


Three CARR brothers (first names unknown) fought in George Washington's army and after the Rev. War they headed south (probably from VA). They went to Sampson Co., NC where one settled, the other two built a covered wagon and went to Alabama, after a while one of these two move up to KY and settled there. The brothers lost touch due to " the Indian Wars and other troubles".
The CARR brother that settled in Sampson Co. NC ,about 4 miles outsisde Clinton, was married to Sallie(or Sarah) Bass. He, _______CARR died when he was about 45 yers old. _____CARR and Sallie Bass had the following children:
*Bengah Bass CARR married Sallie(Sarah) Cobb (b. abt.1814-d. 1864) in abt. 1837. They had the following children:


After Sallie Cobb's death, Bengah CARR married Mary Ryals(Royal or Rials) on July 13, 1865. Mary was born in Johnson Co. NC in abt 1835. LDS ordiences were done for Bengah CARR, Sallie Cobb and Mary Ryals.

Bengah CARR was a house carpenter and seemed to have moved around a lot. He lived in Sampson, Johnston and Wayne Counties of North Carolina. At the end of the Civil War he moved to Johnston Co., NC. He and Mary Ryals had one child, a son: Hannibal H. CARR

*Hannibal H. CARR, b. 9-16-1866 in Johnston or Sampson Co. NC, d. 6-14-1942 in Miami, FL



*Hannibal H. CARR married Martha A. Cox (b. 11-27-1868 in Goldsboro, Wayne Co. ,NC). Martha died 1-28-1947 in Goldsboro, NC. Hannibal was a well driller and moved around between Sampson, Wayne and Johnston Co. NC and Florida He and Martha had the following children:

In the 1910 census of Wayne Co. NC., Martha(Mattie) and Hannibal Carr lived next door to Martha's mother Penelope Holloman Cox and Martha's sister Sallie Cox. Penelope (listed as 64 yr old)was listed as a widow so that means that her husband(and first cousin), William Bass Cox died before 1910. Penelope was listed as head of the house and she was listed as owner without a mortgage. Sallie Cox(later Ramsey) was 32 yrs old in this census and listed as a chief operator at the telephone exchange. She later retired form the phone company and owned considerable AT&T stock.

When Archie was about 14, Hannibal took him out of school and took him on the road drilling wells. Arthur Carr became a draftsman and settled in Philadelpha, PA..married twice, first Mary, after her death he married Dorothy. Arthur preceded Dorothy in death. He had no children.
George Garland Carr(always know as Garland) married Minnie, they settled in Norfolk, VA and in their later years they lived in Fayetteville, NC. They had no children.

Hannibal CARR left Martha and went to Flordia(Dade Co.) sometime in the early 1920's, probably during the boom time in Florida building. He remained married to Martha until their deaths. Martha and her sister Sallie lived together after Hannibal left for Florida. Martha traveled to Florida and visited Hannibal, her son Archie, and his wife Katie and their seven children several times in Miami. When she visited she stayed in a small cottage near the family. Archie's children were Martha and Hannibal's only grandchildren.

Archie Melrose CARR and Katie Irene KING(b.Aug.26,1897 in NC)were married on May 6th 1917 in Wayne Co. NC and had 7 children: