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Parents: The material that we create is entirely safe for kids. However, we also include educational external links and the internet is famous for its rapid changes. It is advisable that you accompany your kids when surfing the internet.

Spanish for Children will NOT be responsible for any inappropriate material accessed by clicking on an external link.

We will add a site map soon so check back in a few days. New material is being added weekly therefore it is best that after getting to a page, you press together the *control* and *F5* keys so your browser can access the updated page instead of the one cached (old).

Finally, this is a free site with expenses that need to be covered. Please consider a $1.00 contribution to help us pay those bills.

Remember that games and practices require javascript (and sometimes java). Most browsers can be adjusted to allow javascript (IE, Firefox, Chrome). Java requires a plug-in but your browser probably has it or will ask you to add it, when needed.

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