Romance Sonánmbulo                 Because they are, child, your eyes...             
Green, that I want you green.          Because they are,[child], your eyes
Green wind. Green branches.            green like the sea, you complain;
The ship out on the sea                green are the nayads',
and the horse on the mountain.         green were Minerva's,
                                       and green are the [pupil's] eyes
With the shadow on her waist           of the houris of the prophet.
she dreams on her[balcony] rail(ings), Green is the finery and adornment
green flesh, her hair green,           of the forest in spring;
(with)[and her] eyes of cold silver.   among its seven  colors,
                                       brilliantly the rainbow flaunts it.
Green, that  I want you green.      
Under the gypsy moon,                  Emeralds are green,
[all]the things are watching her       green is the color of hope,
but she cannot see them.               the waves of the ocean,
                                       and the laurel of the poets.

© Spanish for Children
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