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Get Paid To Play Games

If you decide to join us, please make sure to join from our links. Get Paid Guides donates 10% of the earnings generated from our referrals directly to the Alzheimer's Association and the Red Cross.

Step #1: Join one of the so you can get paid while you're playing games

Note we do not advertise games that cost money. All the games here are free to play, not only that, but we pay you to play them! Also, get paid to refer your friends and make thousands of dollars a month! Click Here to sign up.
Check out some of the few games below you can get paid to play, all for free!!!

Company Rating Description
Word Cubes $$$$ Word Cubes
Solitare Rush $$$$ Play solitare!
Crazy Boarder $$$$ Snowboarding game
Spedia F16 $$$ Jet Fighter game
Sokoban $$$ all types of games
Interceptor $$ Space shootemup


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What is, by means of The Spedia Network, rewards you for using the Internet. We match the interests of thousands of advertisers with those of millions of users like yourself around the world.

Get $0.70 per hour of surfing the Net !!
The SpediaBar is a free software application that lets you earn money while you surf the Internet. It's a small bar that docks next to your browser (Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer) and displays advertising.* You earn one point for each minute you have your SpediaBar open and you actively browse the Internet with normal surfing behavior. This amounts to $0.70 per hour if you are a Premier member

Make money by referring friends and relatives to join Spedia
The referral compensation structure has five levels - 10%, 5%, 5%, 5%, 5%.

You can refer as many relatives and friends as you want. The SpediaBar referral system does not have a matching surfing requirement at this time. You will get paid for all your referrals' surfing time, regardless of how long you surf. (Member referral bonuses are applicable ONLY to point balances generated through the usage of the SpediaBar.)

Step #3
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