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Welcome to KOTI, an online community for kids (by kids!) from 10 to 19. We've got attitude, we've got spunk! And now, we've got our very own chat room! Click on Inter-social to learn how to chat

Pull up a chair, turn on some music and get comfortable. Browse Infomatic for information about this site, Lend a Hand and sponsor this revolution of information. And to return to this page, all you have to do is click on The Beginning.

  • Infomatic - vital information about KOTI
  • Lend a Hand - help keep KOTI running
  • The Beginning - your link to this page
  • Inter-social - learn to chat online
  • The Lingo - learn the language of web pages, make your own
  • Writing on the Wall - the bulletin boards
  • Inter-met - get the stuff to chat online
  • K-Zine - read stuff, write stuff, submit stuff (not up yet)
  • Clickin' Ecstasy - web sites of every make and model
  • Play With Your Food - the bi-monthly feature, cool stuff to do with your food
  • As you probably have noticed, KOTI has gone under yet another redesign. Thanks for bearing with us as the files were changed and updated.


    Authors Needed : I need authors for the site and the K-zine... you got what it takes? Choose a topic and send me an article, it can be a one time thing or an issue-ly basis. Thanks!

    Help Keep KOTI Up : Since KOTI first recieved a domain name last September, 1996, I have paid for expenses exclusively out of my own pocket. I am now in need of outside sources, either donations, sponsoring or advertising. Please help keep this great site up for kids. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Status on hits, etc, will be made available upon request.

    (Note : The member policy has been changed again. KOTI is not a member site any more. Thank you for your patience in this hectic time period)


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