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The story behind 'Carlies question of the month'
Carlie is one of my good friends. Shes not a big manson fan, but she still listens to him once in a while.
One day me, Carlie, and another one of my friends Camille were sitting up in my room, and i popped in the Long hard road out of hell video
and it was the song Kenderfield that was on. He wore his stilts in this 'video' and Carlie asked me 'Has any one ever seen him fall?"
I told her i didnt know but it was a pretty good question then she got the idea to post it on my page. So yeah, basically this is just giving full credit to CARLIE CROSURE!
So now you know how it got thought of, now what exactly is Carlies question of the month?

What is 'Carlies question of the month'?
Carlies question of the month is where I post a question about Marilyn Manson and all you freaks veiw it, and if you can answer it, just submit it.
I do have a submit form so you DO NOT have to email me, but you can if you want to comment on the whole idea. Im hoping this works out a little better then
the 'Freak of the Week' did. I hope all of you will help out with this. It could be a really good thing if everyone chips in and answers the question if they actually know
the answer.
Now, "How do I get to Carlies question of the month"? YET another good question!
To get to the main page of Carlies question of the month click "N e x t" below.