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Carlinious's Realm of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Welcome to my AD&D Web page. This is my first webpage so bare with me. On this page I have will have links, Fantasy art, and hopefully some Adventure Modules. If you want to contact me E-mail me here:

AD&D Links

Defrag's Realm

Wildcard's Realm's of AD&D

Journal of Fantasy Adventure Role Playing

The Great RPG Archive

Nostradamus Vault


Fantasy Art

Fanasy Art Page 2


We're off to kill the goblins - Levels 1-2

Family Secrets - Levels 2-4

Discover the Tomb of Mogrelden - Levels 1-2

No Rest for the Dead - Levels 1-2

When Children Play - Levels 1-3

The Blackrock Brothers Abroad - Levels 3-5

Ecclesias' Bane - Levels 3-5

Disappearances in Stilldorf - Levels 3-5

Assault on the Good Temple of Rannance - Levels 4-7

Holy Orders of the Eternal - Levels 4-8

The Displaced - Levels 5-7

Fire and Ice - Levels 7-9

The Lost Pyramid - Levels 7-9

The Test of Randor thr Great - Levels 7-9

The Vault of Time - Levels 7-10

To Rescue a Friend - Levels 11+

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