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  My name is Demetrius and I am from a small West Indian country called the Bahamas.   If you are not familiar with the Bahamas, it is an archipelago (chain) of 700 islands, rocks, and cays just south of the Florida Peninsula (USA).   If you are interested in finding out more about my country, check out my Bahamian Links.

My Sunny Oasis
My Sunny Oasis
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This site is my home away from home.   I originally started putting this site together just to improve my HTML skills, this is where I'm at.  With that in mind, this site is continually under construction.  Here, at my cyber-home, you will find several applications and scripts that I have written.   Sit back, relax and enjoy yourself.

My career in computers started with me using an IBM AT machine with a 40MB hard disk running DOS 2.1; not to imply that I am old.  It is important to recognize where you came from.  I still recall nine years ago when we got our first 386 machine at work, and how excited we were about its processing speed.


I began programming using d-Base III+.  The d-Base manual was so confusing, I stopped reading it.   Three months later I picked it up again, and I guess you know the rest.
  • Clipper - A very versatile x-base software development tool for DOS.

  • Delphi is by far, one of the best windows application development tools that I know.    It is extremely easy to use, once you get the hang of it, and maintaining applications is a breeze.

  • Web Development - What is web designing? Web designing is the layout or flow structure of a Internet based marketing strategy. An effective Web site is more than just HTML code. It takes strategic marketing, graphic design skills, concept development, and proper coding.

  • JavaScript - If you think JavaScript is simple, then guess again.   This is a full-fledge programming language unrelated to Java.  Javascript has it's own syntax, and programming techniques.  It resembles C, C++, and Java in its syntax and statements but is like Perl in that it is an interpreted language.   JavaScript is quick, flexible and fun to work with.

  • CSS - Cascading Style Sheets are relatively new, and sprucing up a web site is a lot more fun, for a developer, to use them.   There is nothing better than being able to change the look of something "on the fly."   If you are like me and like everything automated, then you will like using CSS.

  • Networking - WAN and LAN topologies using Windows NT 4.0.

  • AS/400 Operations.

  • Unix Operations.


When i am not working on JavaScripts, I sometimes play games on my computer, play sports, or hang with friends.

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