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Gila Cremers

This years show is CANCELLED. This event will take place in July 2001. Wait for details and updates on this page.

On the anniversairy of Jims death a lot of Doors fans will be visiting Paris (again). Some of them won't know how to spend the evening. Well, in 2001 there will be an alternative since on the 2nd and the 3rd of July there will be a theatre show, presented by The Doors Quarterly: GILLA CREMERS PERFORMANCE "Morrison Hotel".

It is an excellent english-spoken show. At the moment we're making arrangements with a theatre.

In the first part of the program, the French acoustic guitar player Jean-Patrick Courrent will bring you instrumental versions of some classical Doors songs. Also, the English female vocalist Marsha Sinason will sing about Jim Morrison. There will also be a concert of "The Bootleg Doors". The entire program is over two hours long.

In THE DOORS QUARTERLY MAGAZINE there will be further announcements. Since the show will get a lot of publicity it is likely it will be sold out soon. Advance bookings can be made at the Doors Quarterly and will start on Easter 2001. We'll try to keep the prices down. Hopefully, renting the theatre isn't too expensive and taxes are low.

Members of the Doors Fanclub can get a reduction on advance bookings or when they show their membershipcard at the boxoffice.