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A Smakeral Of Answers

1. Grey.
2. bonhommy.
3. Cottleston.
4. Three.
5. Because it's his Birthday, and nobody has taken any notice of it.
6. Quite a small jar of honey.
7. A Balloon.
8. A funny feeling began to creep all over him.
9. He eats the honey in Eeyore's small jar.
10. To write 'A Happy Birthday' on the small jar.
11. He put his foot in a rabbit hole, and fell down flat on his face.
12. Red.
13. About as big as Piglet.
14. A Very Happy Birthday with love from Pooh.
15. A Useful Pot.
16. Puts it in his Useful Pot.
17. A box of paints to paint things with (and a party).
18. In Which Eeyore Has a Birthday and Gets Two Presents.

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