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This is my crappy profiles page.
I should have some pictures of each charachter
up soon.


This is the normal highschool student who eventually becomes Devil Man. At the beginning of the first film, he is just a sweet, innocent green-sweater wearing boy. (He has those frickin' annoying huge japanese eyes!) His former best friend, Ryo Asuka, meets up with Akira in a park, and Ryo reveals what has happened to him in the past few weeks. After a few run-ins with demons, Ryo and Akira attempt to join with demons, at a modern sabbath. An incredibly powerful demon called Amon attempts to posses Akira, but ends up submitting to his control. As the hybrid Devil Man, He thrashes demon ass. After Akira is merged with the devil, he can change from a human to a devil, and vice versa. As a human, he is still incredibly strong, and has some demon abilities but is nowhere near as powerful as when he is morphed into a full Devil. He lives with Miki and her parents, as his own parents were killed by demons in a trek to the arctic. He is impulsive and fairly hot-headed. He can go psycho at times. This is the effect of the demon blood running through his veins. Another side effect is that he can detect when other hellspawn are near. He also reveals wings, shoots bolts from his head, and lights things on fire with his hands, but that's beside the point


Ryo could be called the brains of the operation. He is cool headed and calm. Only sometimes, at a very intense moment, does he lose his cool. He normally has acess to lot's of weapons, including a hand-held shotgun and a sniper rifle. He Has some sort of mental link between himself and Akira. Ryo Bought Akira into the wide, wide, world of demons because he needed an ally. Ryo has no Family anymore, mostly due to the demons, much the same as Akira, but less directly. Ryo is an attractive young man, with blond hair and blue eyes. Akira, while still learning to use his powers, accidently injured Ryo, almost killing him. Ryo's father was rich, and so he has a good car, and a mansionlike home.


Miki is sort of Akira's girlfriend, but not oficially. They both like each other, but Akira does not want her involved. She does a lot of work around the house, almost as much as her mother. Akira lives in the same house, and this brings her into danger frequently.