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Rev. Ferdinand

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by Rev. Ferdinand
note: picture here
is Shroud of Turin
we study in my next book.

If you feel the bottom dropping beneath your feet,
either you can free fall into oblivion
or you can learn to fly
and soar into the heavens!!
by Ferdie Werdie
...Plus, please pray for
the Delery Gazette property!

Also, I pray daily for Pastor
Bill Wolitarsky of Los Angeles
and his family. His
prayers in the past have blessed us!
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    ..Condolences to the Herman
    Metoyer fmly of N.O.
    upon his passing.
    He will be missed by many..

    Rev. Ferdinand
    P.O. Box
    New Orleans, La. 70186
    United States

    If I am online now, see Shroud  below & click Online Button to comment. I will answer your questions. (My webcam is not hooked up presently. I will let you know when I plug it in again. Sorry! I bought a new webcam. I just have not set it up yet..)

    Always, thank U, Pastor Bill Wolitarsky of Los Angeles. I pray that God blesses you and your family. U R forever a blessing to us.
    I am interested in my flock's thoughts. Please leave me a little message in my chatbox below:

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    Hey, I have been getting many questions about the Shroud of Turin. I do not know where the Shroud is presently located. However, I have posted a picture of it below. (Turin? or Toran?)
    Finally, here is a picture of the shroud of Turin. Please click the picture for more info. I am in the middle of writing an exciting book about the shroud and my findings on the face of Jesus:

    I am nicely surprised at how many readers are seeking the face of Jesus.
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    Delery Gazette
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    Now, see me in this video.
    Here is a nice Delery Films premiere:
    Premiered in February.
    ) I am writing my next movie!
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    my Shroud of Turin results!
    (Ferdie was @Saints victory parade),
    Historic, #1 watched..SuperBowl ever:

    ALSO SEE Ferdie's Xmas MOVIE..Below: His tender
    CHRISTMAS MOVIE highlights 2 starlets from Delery Films.
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    Screenplay for the movie..by Ferdie Delery.

    And, also, you might enjoy his spy movie below:

    Click the camera above for "amore" in Russia.

    note:Part II the sequel is already requested! COMING SOON!
    Dear Flock:
    Our ministry is praying for peace
    on earth. Please join us in this
    cloud of prayer! This ministry
    truly believes that the winds of
    righteousness are not far away...
    these winds (flying on the wings 
    of God) will strike a blow for
    peace. We can hear this!
    In Our PRAYERS we join in special
    prayer with Pastor Bill Wolitarsky
    of CBC Church in Los Angeles 
    and our cousin Fay Jernigan of CBC.
    The Pastor was a blessing to me
    in Los Angeles after Katrina. 
    God bless Anna Leighton of CBC 
    Church for giving me a Thunderbird
    without which I would not have
    driven back to New Orleans.
    Thank you, Anna! 
    Please buy My 1st book:
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    I will love you!Ferdie
    ...for God; and for the women!
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    Below: MEET THE GIRLS introduces 2 starlets from Delery Films.
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    Thank you! Hope you like it too!

    Also... remember, flock, we need to always lift in prayer Pastor Bill Wolitarsky and his church who are seeking God's direction and help in moving to a new level and phase. (NOTE: I wrote the below words to Pastor Bill on my return after Katrina. In the meantime, Pastor Bill has retired: I plan to call Pastor Bill (now retired) this weekend and request his prayers for the Gazette's struggles in post-Katrina New Orleans. Things are ruff. I find that I had less of a struggle when I was in Los Angeles. Down here (in the war zone) I have found that people are trying to gouge you out instead of trying to help.

    I am still hot on the search for the face of Jesus. Maybe the shroud of Turin is a real view of Jesus' face. A picture of the shroud is above. I am deep into my manuscript about my search. Some of my findings may be surprising to my readers. The Lord speaks. Hopefully, I can publish it this year. In the meantime, my last book studies some revelation and prophecy, with possibly some real words from beyond. The scrolls in my book were published the same year as THE DA VINCI CODE, and are terrifyingly similar. How could Dan Brown and I have been receiving such similarly divine messages in the same year? Unless the Lord has begun to reveal His "age-old" mysteries now, and we are about to look face-to-face with His Son!

    THE CURTAIN IS RISING ON THE END-TIME MYSTERIES OF THE LORD. YAHWEH HAS BEGUN TO UNFOLD THE MYSTERIES AND PROPHECIES THAT HE SPOKE ABOUT AGES AGO. ...READ ABOUT SOME TRULY SCARY STUFF! I have completed my SCROLLS. As soon as you get a chance, take a look at them. They are ready! They will make you SCREAM! You will shake with fear. It is called THE TERROR SCROLLS. Oh, yes... BEWARE! Are you brave enough to take a look? (Buckle your seat belts!...by Ferdinand J. Delery) Click below to read a little bit: FerdieFerdie read some of it at Ferdie's books. icon Click here to see THE TERROR SCROLLS! It might haunt you! See THE TERROR SCROLLS at a bookstore.
  • Click: Kiana's Website!..if looking for her.
    Kiana is my daughter. Her chatroom needs a visit.
    Last time I visited, it was empty.

    OR, click the shroud on the left. For: THE FACE OF JESUS!
    (P.S. Again, my previous book..) Ferdie enunciates Click here to view I HAVE A DREAM!
    The terror started here!

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    by Ferdinand J. Delery.
    I'll love you forever
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    camera to view
    a few of the things that I wrote about.
    I will add sound once I find my microphone. I
    may have lost it in the hurricane.
    Please enjoy the video.
    Some readers who read the first book have been patiently waiting for this follow-up, the next stage. Well, it is now avaiable. It is thrilling! Any movie producers who are interested please contact me at my e-mail address. I am rather "cheap." I won't break the bank. I think it would make a fine movie. Ferdie loves you! I also WELCOME MY FLOCK to email Rev. Ferdinand if there is a special request that you want us to put on the altar of the Lord.
    Will Ferdie scare you?
    Where is the fear?...
    ....The terror &....
    the TERROR SCROLLS are at....
    .....Ferdie's House!!
    Ferdie will scare..

    LINK TO THE DELERY GAZETTE: ...(click here) hear GOD's VOICE per the GAZETTE!
    In the meantime, please also buy my first book. Now that the next book is published, it is time to lead the the flock to TERRORVILLE in The TERROR SCROLLS.
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    A thought: Have you ever wondered how Jesus looked?

    Please read the description below, and then click the feedback button to send any information or thoughts that you have that might shed more light on the shroud of Toran (or Jesus' image). Even if you just have questions about one of Ferdinand's books, click the button above. Any subject is really welcome; however, to continue...
    The shroud of Toran is the only physical image that was left of Jesus (and it is in his blood). If the message that Jesus taught is spiritual, then photographs, films, audiotapes, etc. seem to be the opposite of how he wanted the original record. Think of the miracle that it is, in and of itself, that Jesus' word has lived. His word is the greatest message in the history of the world. Yet, even though it was not electronically recorded, it is just as alive and vibrant as it was when it flowed off of his tongue. That is why I think the Lord did his work before the advent of modern recording devices.
    ..AND, AGAIN!...remember the Rev's book, ..for God; and for the women! Maybe,...even have a revelation.
    In other news, HERE ARE A FEW ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: NOTE: DOMINIQUE and VAUGHN Baptiste had Diajelle in March, 2001; lil' Vaughn in 2004, and they recently announced baby 3 was born. Sean was born in Oct. as posted above. Diagelle is now five. TIOPOL and Ryan Guillory had Tiara Guillory in July, 2001. In 2002, I took pictures at her first birthday party. She had a blast. And now she has a brother (lil' Ryan, 2 yrs. old). By the way, these are the Rev's children and grandchildren (soon to be in the number six). Here is Tiara at about 3-months-old:

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    Let God's Holy Spirit lead you... maybe, you will have a revelation from the Lord.

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