THE REDDICK'S Grandpa Arlie Reddick

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Arlie and Grace:

Arlie C. Reddick, born Oct. 1873 in Lancaster County, Nebraska. Died oct. 6, 1948 in Lincoln, lancaster Co, Ne Number of children 6

+ Grace May Olmsted, born March 1880 in David City, Nebraska . Married abt 1900 in Lancaster Co, Ne, died Aug. 29, 1930 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co., Children:

1- Vera Arlene Reddick born March 6, 1902 in Nebraska , died March 12, 1975 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co. Number of children 2.

+Louis Arthur A. Kaeding born May 26, 1903 in Bradshaw, Ne. Married March 13, 1936, died July 17, 1947 in Lincoln, Ne.

2-Edith L. Reddick, born Oct 29 1903 in Ne, died Oct 22, 1989 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co. Ne

  3-Lawrence M. Reddick born abt 1906

3-Mildred I. Reddick born abt 1908

4-Lyle Reddick born abt 1912

5-Leigh Reddick born abt 1915

2nd wife of Arlie C. Reddick Vesta ? married Aft 1930 in Lincoln, lancaster Co, Nebraska