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Sandra L Nelson-Kaeding-Reddick Family Tree

Sandra ( Aunt Lucy) is married to my my Uncle Robert Kaeding who is my dad's brother. I am very lucky to have the Nelson surname twice in my Family line. I married a Nelson and my Aunt is a Nelson. On this Page is about her family line. I will copy the information just like she sent to me.

(Step-Sister Karen Nelson and Step Brother Lester Nelson) Step Mother Gerenia Aca Nelson, Grandmother Ruby Applebee Nelson

Father Lester L. Nelson Mother Opal Jeager Brother Kenneth L Nelson

Dads brother Merle Ivan Nelson and Ashland Nelson
Mother's brother and sister's Pearl Cookus Jaeger (5 children) Grace Schonk Jaeger (3 children) Bud Jaeger Victor Jaeger (7 children) Kenneth Jaeger Burnard Jaeger Wendel Jarger (2 children)
Pearl's kids Fred,Cookie,Irma, and Virginia Grace's kids Orn and Maxine Victor's kids Hanaha,Dutch,Ruth,Bill
Grandpa Fred Jaeger and Josephine
Grandpa and Grandma Louis and Vera Kaeding were married March 13,1936
Great Grandpa Augusta Kaeding
Louis Arthur Kaeding(my gpa) Andrew Kaeding Sam Kaeding Vera Kaeding(Lamb) Emma Kaeding(Condon) Martha Kaeding
Vera Arlene Reddick (Kaeding) (my gma) Edith Reddick no children Leah Meir-Reddick Lyle Reddick Lawrence Reddick no children Mildred Reddick(Ramser)
Mildred kids Dick,Charles,Marcia,and Maryln Emma kids Gayle and Bill
Ernest Kaeding Double cousin to your(me Debs) Grandpa Kaeding
Ernest children that Aunt Lucy could remember: Glads Harre- Kaeding Bonnie kaeding Josephine Kaeding

Other Kaeding-Reddick -Nelson Info

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