The Past 50 Years

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The Past 50 Years

by Hazel Kaeding

Fredrick Maronde was born in Prussia,Germany on December 14,1845,His parents died when he was a young boy. As he grew in manhood, Fredrick herded sheep for a living and acquired an earning of $12.00 a year. Around 1872-1873,at the age of 19, Fredrick came to america and landed in Chicago. He worked for a farmer by the name of Wm Brahmsteadt at Englewood Chicago,Illinois, where he was hired to haul prairie hay to Chicago to the livery barns there.
Carolina Zanzig, who was born in Mackelburg,Germany on July 11,1853. Also as young girl had to work out, she herded geese for the rich people of the town where she lived. As she followed the geese she picked up all the feathers that the geese would lose. She picked up enough feathers in this manner to make a feather bed. When Carolina was a girl she contacted measles and due to a backset became blind at her young age. Later she and her brother William went to see a man that managed to help her and she received the sight of one eye back. By this time Carolina was expected to go and work for her living and was not permitted to go on to school. Her neighbors were coming to America, so she decided to come across to America with them. Her plans were to go to Indiana to be with an aunt that lived there, but due to the misfortune of having her birth certificate and all other valuable papers stolen as she came across on the ship. She went to Chicago to search for a job. It so happened it was close to the Wm Brahsteadt farm. This is where Fredrick met Carolina as she was pitching praire hay to the cattle. After a short and sweet romance they were married April 1872. Fredrick Maronde remarked that he didnt have anything money wise but that he did have his Savior,his Health and two hands to work. In 1885 Mr & Mrs Fredrick Maronde and a family of six children moved to York, Nebraska. There names were Carl, who died at the age of nine months, Anna, Bertha,Ernest,Emma, and Louis. They bought 160 acres and later had a car load of lumber and a carpenter sent out from Chicago to build the farm, home, six children were born to the Maronde later. They moved into new home. Martha,Ida,Amanda,Lena,Dora, and Lizzie. Mr & Mrs. Maronde lived through many hardships, but they seemed to prosper well. He bought several farms, but above all saw to it that all there children were baptized, confirmed, and attended parochial schools. They lived on the same farm until they retired and moved to 815 E.7th St. in York, Nebraska. He only lived in town for several years. When passed away in July 1927. Carolina lived 10 years longer and passed away on March 28,1937. Mr.& Mrs. Maronde had 12 children of which there are 3 daughters that are living Martha Krah, Lena Junger, and Lizzie Schrader. There are 3 living in laws, which are Tilla Maronde, Bill Strobel, and Carl Schrader. It has been customery in the past years that the Maronde children gather for the family reunion annually during the month of July. This being the year of 1962, it also marks the 50th anniversary of this group. In 1912 was the 1st records that were kept. They gathered much before this time but have no definite date of such. The newest increase to the group is the daughter of Lowell Schrader of Hampton, Nebraska. Which was born in April of 1962. The eldest person with most age behind them him/her is Tillis Maronde and Mr.Bill Strobel. The most recent death was that of Martha kaeding Wheeler, who passed away in San Diego, California on July 8,1962. 12 children of which 3 are living 58 grand-children of which are 39 living 130 great grand children of which 128 are living. There are 35 great great grand children of which all living. Total of 205 Living descendants of Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Maronde

note Hazel Kaeding wrote this letter to Mervin, she is the mother of Mervin William Kaeding, Mervin is the keeper of the Kaeding Family Tree. I dedicated this page to him, Thanks for giving the history of Our Family, I love you!, Debbie Kaeding-Nelson

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