Devotion of Love

Inspired by the story *The New Hope*

By Christine Troupe

When I first saw you,
You changed my life forever.
When I first laid my eyes upon you,
I saw your dark grace and beauty.
One look from your eyes and you captured me in your dark spell.
In a time of deep sorrow,
You Gave me strength.
I wanted to leave this world,
To leave my greif.
You pulled me back.
You gave me reason to live.
You gave me reason to love.
You taught me the true meaning of love without condition.
Blind Love.
You taught me to love with my heart and soul.
You taught me to look with my heart,
Not my eyes.
In the light of your greatest good,
In the darkness of your worst evil,
I will always love you.
No matter how the world may see you,
Let them shun and detest me for the rest of my life.
I am now and shall ever be yours.
No other man shall I love as I love you.
My love does not see good,
It does not see evil.
It sees only a dark, beautiful man it loves more than life itself.