The Sacrifice

By Denise Williams

The audience is watching me
A sacrifice they’re about to see

I don’t know what is going on
Then a bell rings and my mind is gone

I feel his presence by my side
Fear and panic I have to hide

I feel his cold, unforgiving stare
Silence, darkness everywhere

The time has come for the darkness to embrace
As I feel his hand gently touching my face

I know now that I can’t be afraid
I am the latest victim, his choice has been made

Little by little, my fear slips away
I know I’ll have changed by sunrise the next day

There is only silence until he starts to say,
“Ana, Nadra, Darkne, Dienvey”

Then he turns around and picks up a knife
Those who don’t understand fear for my life

One of his hands is made into a fist
With the other, he puts the knife to his wrist

Everyone wonders what’s going through his head
As the blood comes flowing, crimson red

Everyone is staring in surprise
Oh, how I wish I could open my eyes

He puts his blood in a cup for me
It may be revolting for all that see

Then he tells me from this moment on
The memories of my past are gone

I will be different than I was before
The person I was, she exists no more

Then he lifts my head and his blood I drink
Nobody knows what to think

I shudder and shake, he likes this behavior
As I make the Lord of Darkness my savior

What I’m feeling inside is something strange
The world I know has started to change

I feel myself relax as again he will say,
“Ana, Nadra, Darkne, Dienvey”
As he speaks, he unzips the dress I wear
Exposing my skin to the cold, damp air

He picks up the knife once again
Soon I feel the blade on my skin

The knife is cold, unforgiving steel
Yet the pain I do not feel

There is silence in the room as everyone waits
For his next move will determine my fate

He carves a line of blood that’s mine
A few more carvings will make The Sign

The four bloodlines become a “T”
The symbol of the Ministry

When he rolls his eyes back, I know it is done
The darkness and I have finally become one


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