By Denise Williams

You warned us.

You warned us that it would happen one day.

We were wondering when.

You surprised us.

You came back more evil than ever.

You shocked the world with your actions.

Your prophecy spoke louder than your words.

The ones who don’t believe don’t understand.

The ones that do have willingly pledged their allegiance to you and your Ministry of Darkness.

You spoke, we listened.

And we will continue to listen, as long as you continue to preach the word of Darkness.


by Denise Williams

The words that you speak.

Do they have any special meaning?

I’ve heard you say them before.

I’ve been trying to understand ever since.

What are you saying?

Do you speak of evil?

Do you speak of the future?

Are you speaking of prophecy?

Are you declaring an unholy war?

Who are you trying to reach?

What are you trying to preach?

A threat, a promise, a warning…
Should we take heed?

Are the words you say a sign of things to come?

And if they are…

Should we be listening?

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