Night Visitor
By Ashley

Alone in the dark, in my bed I lay.
My house may be locked but he finds a way.

The windows are shut and I canít hear a sound,
then a window opens, I know heís around.

He enters my room and sits near my bed,
when I see him come not a word is said.

He knows all my secrets, from him I canít hide,
thereís no where to run so I let him inside.

Most wouldnít want me to be with this dark stranger,
they would say he is evil and full of danger.

But I realized that being with him isnít a sin,
so I opened up to him and he came in.

He stares into my face and looks into my eyes,
it is then clear to me that he wonít tell me lies.

I feel so safe when I hear him say
ďIíve come to take your pain away.Ē

I let him touch my face and open my heart,
I hope weíll be like this always, never apart.

He moves closer and pulls me near,
why is it that I donít feel fear?

I know it is time and he slips under the covers,
I know I love him deeply and we become lovers.

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