Minstry Story

Part 1: The Maiden

Chris lay in her bed, her eyes full of tears. How could the world turn on him, he who had done all he could to please the masses, yet when all he wanted was to express his beliefs as he always had, the masses turned on him. It saddened her, angered her, it made her look with disdain for the people who had called themselves his fans for so many years. Now, they had abandonded him. But Chris would not. The Undertaker had been her beloved favorite for almost 7 years, and she was not about to leave him now. Soon, she would learn just how much he needed her as she wanted him. She did not know it at the time, but through his own power, he had watched her. Felt her loyalty to him, felt her innocence, and her love for him being without condition. She was the one person who could bring light back into his darkened soul.

Even that moment as she slept, The Lord of Darkness watched her through the flames of a roaring fire. She was lonely for him. He could feel it. Yet, it puzzled him that one with such an innocent heart, a heart that loved so deeply, and full of light, could in turn love one as dark adn sinister as him. Perhaps it was, that she saw in him what other people could not, or refused to see, the good in him.

For several moments he watched her. She tried to sleep, but the angry shouts of the crowds ringing in her ears. It brought tears to her eyes...the terrible voices that ceased to be quiet. And as dark and cruel as his heart may have appeared, this dark man who ruled the Ministry of Darkness felt a terrible pain in his black heart. This young woman, whom he'd never met in life, the sight of her crying over him hurt him. She was alone, with the exception of many other women who declared their love for him, but of all of them, Chris was the woman who possibly loved him the most, loved as deeply in her heart as a woman could love. How could she love him? He being what he is and doing what he does. But she had been there for him, never leaving his side. He decided that matters had to be taken. He would no longer allow her to suffer alone. He would not allow her to suffer at all. For in all the world he thought all innocence had died, but here, in this one young girl, this one woman-child, innocence still breathed strong.

And that he would protect, guard with his life, and guard her he would. But he'd do it with her in the same place as he. He gazed at the fire, his eyes rolling in the back of his head helping him concentrate. He could see her even more clearly in his mind. He concentrated all his powers upon her tortured heart, and with his own, he spoke to her. "Chris..." his voice whispered in her mind. Chris woke up from her troubled sleep. "What, who's there? Who are you?" "You know full well who I am child." Chris listened and instantly recognized the voice as that of her beloved Undertaker. "Taker? But, how?" "I am speaking to you with my mind. I have seen you and how you suffer because of your love for me. I will not have you alone. I want you to come be with me." His voice whispered. "But how? You're so far away." "I am closer than you think." He said as he closed his eyes and vanished in a vaporous mist. He appeared in Chris' room. She looked in astonishment as she saw the Dark Lord appear before her. "I want you with me Chris. You will be mine now." "I have always been yours. From the first moment I saw you." Her eyes gave away her innocence, her willingness. Most had fought to get away from him. She was more than eager to go to him. He stretched out his hand. "You need only to come to me Chris. Take my hand my little one. Have no fear." "I'm not afraid my beloved." She said quietly and slowly got out of bed. She walked lightly to him and took his hand. Her small body disapeared almost in his massive embrace. One moment passed and the two were gone from her home.

Chris woke up to find herself in a huge bedroom. She was in a long white nightgown made of silk and white sheer gossamer. She was in a bed that looked like it came out of the dark ages. Dragon heads covered the four polls, and deep black gossamer curtains surrounded the bed. It was without a doubt one of the most beautiful beds she'd ever seen. There were candles all around. She sat up rubbing her arms with her hands. She was lonely for her beloved. She knew her home again she would never see. She was his now. She belonged to him.

"You're awake." A deep voice whispered. There stood the Undertaker, as Chris recognized him. In tight black pants and a black leather vest. It was a form he knew would not frighten her. "Where am I?" "This is your home now. You must understand Chris, you are mine now. You can never go back to the place you once called home. There are those who would seek to torture you and do you harm because you have chosen to be with me. Here, I can protect you." "I...I understand." Chris sighed quietly. She tried to hide the sadness at never being able to go back to the place she had called home. Possibly never seeing her family again. "What troubles you?" "My family. I'll never be able to see them again." "I will see to it you are not taken from your mother and sister. I promise you, your family will not be taken away from you. It is...just better that you stay here with me from now on. In time, you will understand." "Why, why do people hate you so much now? How can they say that they loved you and yet abandon you like they have?" "They never truly understood me. They wanted to see me as they wanted to see me, not for what I was meant to be seen as. You are one of the few who understands. You are one of the few who stand with me, even through the cruel justice I must carry out upon those who have wronged me and my own. You need never fear my presence. You are one of my cherished. No harm will I ever let come to you, ever." Chris looked up at him, this Dark Lord she loved so much. She lay her head against his massive chest and yawned widely. "Go to sleep Chris. You're tired and you have much to get used to now." "I try, but the anger of the people, the voices, they never leave me alone." "Shhh. They will not bother you now. I won't stand for it. Now sleep little one. You're tired. Sleep now. Shhh. Sleep." Taker said waving his hand over Chris' eyes. She fell into a deep sleep immideately. Taker watched her for a few moments, then got up and left. He was soon joined by Midian.who was once know as Dennis Knight. "Who is she lord?" "One of the few in this world who truly understands who and what I am, and has accepted me for it." The Lord of Darkness and his new servant left Chris to sleep, now that she could sleep peacefully.

Part 2: A New Home

The night passed by as by without incident. The sun began to rise but most of the huge dwelling where the members of the Ministry lived was covered by large dark windows, made out of black stained glass. Chris woke up to find the Dark Lord standing in the door way. She rubbed her eyes sleepily and looked to see him standing there. "Hello my dear. Did you sleep well?" He asked quietly. "Yes. I don't recall a night I've acutally slept so soundly." Chris answered. "Good. Then you are protected here. I know the state of things here must confused you right now. I know things must appear ominous and frightening to you. But you have no need bo be afraid here. No one will harm you here. And you need never fear me. My wrath and my fury are reserved for my enemies, and them alone. Here, you are safe." "I know. I know you would never hurt those you love." "You must understand Chris, things you have seen and things you will see will appear barbaric and cruel. But the powers that be have taken me too lightly for the last time. They have made a mockery of my family, now they make a mockery of what I stand for. I am evil to those who look with their eyes because evil is all they want to see. They wanted me to be the hero I know I can never be. I am a dark being. I thought that people had accepted me for what and who I am. I know now I was wrong. I do what I must, but I mean none of it to harm you, or those like you. You and those who feel as you do have been with me from the begining or soon after. I will always be greatful for that. You have made what was an intolerable existance livable once more. There is indeed an evil rising in the Federation, but it is not what most people think. I must bring about this war to end the tyrrany of Mcmanhon. He'll have us all for slaves if he has his way. I have to stop him. I have tried to play by his rules. I protected his kingdom. But now, I seek to destroy it...because I must. Do you understand what I'm telling you?" "Yes. I do. All the world may abandon you, but I will not. I will always love you. You are the dearest thing to my heart." "It is perhaps that love you hold that has left some tiny light in my dark soul. If no one cared, I would not." "But you do care. You've done all you can to avoid what is to come...but he has given you no other alternative." "I know. I only wish it had not come to this. I became so used to being loved by so many...only to find out that most of the world only loved an image, and not the man who was behind it." "I love you for who and what you are. It doesn't matter to me what you do or say or have done and said. I have seen you with my eyes, but I have looked at you with my heart." "If only there were more like you."

Part 3: Her Dark Guardian
Chris watched Taker walk toward her bed. He parted the curtains and sat beside her. Her face was so complex, that of a young woman, yet she also had the innocence of a child. She was very fair skinned..it made the Dark Lord wonder if she ever went out into the daylight. Her hair was very long and dark, her eyes were the deepest, darkest brown that he'd ever seen. But it was the saddness in those brown eyes that caught his attention. "Chris...you always look so sad. Has your life been so full of sorrow that you never smile?" "I'm just,... I just feel so torn apart. My family never was a family in the sense that they should have been. My mother and father did nothing but fight. They had very few happy moments together...and even the happy moments weren't all that happy. My sister is not well, she's different from normal kids and she and I aren't close like I wanted us to be. And when my mother and father divorced, it ripped me in two. Part of me loved my mother but was angry with her for taking me from my father, and part of me loved my father but was angry at him for not wanting to be a part of my life. My family is scattered all over the place...I can't be with them much...and half of the older relatives I loved so much have long since died. I have lost a grandfather, a grandmother, a greatgrandfather, a cousin, and a greatgrandmother..and I was only able to go to one funeral..my grandfathers. I never got over the deaths of my loved ones, they seemed to occur one year after another." "You carry so many burdens upon your heart. You worry about so many others, yet you so often neglect yourself. It worries me. Sometimes I have watched you go for a whole day without food, you don't sleep very much. I worry about you. You mustn't torture yourself over matters you cannot control or solve or prevent." "I feel selfish if I don't care about my family." "You don't have to stop carrying for anyone, but when you stop caring about yourself to the point you threaten your own health that is when others begin to worry about you. You cannot heal all the wounds that have been inflicted upon the people you love. You mustn't take all of the burdens onto yourself. You'll go mad. I...I know. I tried, and I failed. I know I tried to be what people of your world wanted me to be. But when I did what I thought was best for those I loved, I was abandonded for it. This world, the people in it...you cannot please them all. No matter what you do, people will hurt, hearts will break. But you are one of the few who was born into a world full of evil and tempations, and you have resisted them all and grown stronger because of it. You must fight to stay strong. Solve what problems you can, but those that have no resolutions, you must let them go. I know deep down you want to see me loved by the people of this world once more, and perhaps someday, that will happen. But I am what I am...and I cannot change for a world full of people who cannot accept me for all that I am. They only accept what they want to accept." "I accept you for all that you are. I made a vow several years ago that I would not leave you no matter what you did or said or became. I hold strong to that vow not because I have to, but because I choose too. You are too important for me to just give up on. I don't care if the rest of the world sees you as this monster without mercy or a man of pure evil. I don't believe you are truly evil. It is simply not what I see in you. Whether it be because I chose not to see evil in you or my innocence does not let me see it. I will always love you. You are my heart, and no matter what you do or say, this heart of mine shall always be a home for you...always."

Taker looked at her. The innocence in her eyes was easy to see, no matter how dark they were. She saw only love for him. But could she understand that there was evil within him. All people had it, even one as innocent as Chris. But she did not give into that evil. She did not supress it, she merely chose not to give into it. Perhaps that is why she did not see great evil within him...or perhaps she was so in love with the Dark Lord she refused to see great and overwhelming evil within him. But that of all things about Chris stood out...her love for him. Millions had claimed to love him, but when he took a turn he felt needed to take, those millions soon vanished. But a faithful few refused to leave him, and Chris was one of those few. She loved him with all her heart. But sometimes he could not understand why someone with a heart as light as hers could love one so dark as his. "What is it? You look sad." Chris said putting her hand upon Taker's face. "It makes me wonder sometimes how one so innocent, so full of love as you, can love someone so dark and terrible as I. I feel...unworthy of your love." "But I feel you're worth loving. If I didn't, would I be here now. Would I speak the words I speak if I did not love you? Do you not see my love is true?" Chris asked. "Of course it is true Chris. I guess sometimes I give into the hypocrocy of this world. People would not understand how someone so innocent and so full of light can love someone as dark as I am. Most people would see me as a monster. A hellish nightmare created by the devil to frighten the innocent. It was never my intention that it come to this...never." Taker said and hung his head low. Chris tilted his head upward. "You're not terrible. People are as you said...they wanted to create an illusion. You came as you came...as death...and people made you into a hero. But only cause they interpereted you actions later on as heroic, cause they wanted to see them as heroic. People are always looking for heros...someone to worship. I only want someone I can love. Someone I can love and accept no matter what. You are that someone. I have never loved anyone else, any other man as I love you."

Part 4: Her Descion

Days passed as Chris adjusted to her new life at the huge castle like mansion she now lived in. She did not miss her home life too much, but she did miss her family. She knew her mother and sister missed her too, and she wondered if they knew where she was. She sat alone in her room. She wasn't much of a huge crowds person. She sat looking out her window. She hadn't left the huge house since her arrival. She isolated herself, didn't eat much, and talked even less. Taker was worried about her condition.

"She doesn't eat much, she hardly talks except to me, and even then she is so silent. She hasn't had nearly enough sleep though she tries to convince me she sleeps well. Paul, I'm worried about her. She's going to get sick if she doesn't take better care of herself." Taker said with grave concern.

"Well Taker what do you expect? She was depressed when she came here. She doesn't need to stay in this place all the time. She needs to be out there."

"But Paul she never leaves. And I'm not going to make her leave for somewhere she doesn't want to go. She'll start avoiding me all together if I do. I just worry bout her. She's been through so much that she didn't deserve. My enemies suffer at my hands because they deserve it. But Chris, she's innocent. She's done us no wrong. She should be happy. She cares so much for others, yet neglects herself to no end."

"If you want her to be outside more then give her a reason to be outside more. Let her know she'd not a prisoner here." Paul said and left.

Taker felt somewhat insulted by Paul's last statement. Chris was not a prisoner. She came with him of her own free will. He thought for a moment. He had not yet told her that he'd gone to her mother and sister and told them where she was. He knew she missed them. He walked to find her still in her room, crying. He went to her and sat at her bedside. It broke his heart to see tears falling from her eyes. He put his massive arms around her and gently cradled her. Yes, he was cruel as he deemed required, and to the outside world, he was downright evil and heartless. But if he could help it Chris would not suffer seeing that side of him, though he knew she did. He would do his best to protect her from that side of him. For even he could be gentle and loving, especially to one who appeared as fragile and sensitive as her. "Shhhh...there now little one. Don't cry. I know you're unhappy. Please, tell me what I may do to dry those tears from your eyes. Anything, anything you want, name it and it will be done."

"My mom, my sister, do they know what's happened to me? God they must be so worried." Chris sobbed.

"They...they know Chris. I have gone to them and told them. If you want to see them, then I will arrange for you to see them. I...I just want you to be happy. I did not want your coming here to cause you pain. Please, anything at all you want, you will have it."

"Please, let me see my family again. I miss them so much. I want them to know I didn't abandon them. I want them to know I love them. I didn't do this to hurt them."

"Chris, it was wrong of me to say you could never go back to your home. You are the only light I have in my soul. It has become so dark...so...hated. I wanted to keep you here. Keep you to myself. I know now that was wrong and selfish. I could never hurt you or wish harm upon you. Please, if you want to go home, you are free to go to your family. They love you. They need you. You cannot stay here solely to please me. You must be here because you want to be. The others are here because they have no other choice. They are my servants and my soldiers. You must make the choice for yourself. You must do what is best for you, and no one else. I...I would not blame you if you left. I could not promise you would be sheltered from all that I must do."

Chris looked up at the Dark Lord and hugged him tightly. I love my family. I love my mother and sister... and my father whereever he may be. But I want and need a life of my own now. And I will live that life here. This is my home now. My place is with you. I love you Taker. I love you more than life itself. You are my heart, my dearest love. I know my mother would understand, and she will help my sister to understand. I want to be with you now. This is my home now. All I ask is the things I have at the house I lived in be brought here. They are very dear to me." Chris said.

For once in his dark life Taker felt some semblence of happiness. "Of course. I'll see to it that what you need and want is brought here as soon as possible. Why don't you go to your mother and sister and spend a little time with them. I know they miss you. I know you miss them. Go spend some time with them. Then, I'll come for you and bring you back here."

"Thank you. That means a lot to me. I won't stay gone too long."

"Nonsense. You take all the time you need. You'll know when you're ready."

Outside stood Vicsera. He watched with a scowl and a look of pure hatred. He hated the Undertaker, hated everything he stood for. And it was not a moral issue of good or evil...he just out and out hated the Undertaker. He hated the ministry, hated the new name he had to go by...in general hated the situation he was in. He would go along with this nonsense as he put it for now...but he had an idea of how he would get out of the ministry, and get revenge on the Undertaker. He would hurt Taker where he was most vunerable...Chris. He wouldn't do anything now..too soon. But when the time presented itself, Vicsera would turn back into Mable and extract revenge.

Part 5: Sad Homecoming

"I will try not to be gone too long." Chris said hugging her beloved as he knelt before her. "Take all the time you need. I will be waiting for you."

"All right. I'll let you know when I'm ready to come back. I'll have my things with me..I hope you don't mind, I have a lot of stuff to bring back."

"It won't be a problem. As you can see, there is plenty of room. Go now. Go be with your mother and sister. They miss you. And I know you miss them." Taker watched as Chris left the car and walked to her home. He'd taken her there, but did not go in with her. He didn't want to interfere with Chris seeing her family. He got back into the car and instructed the driver to head down the road. Chris watched the car leave. Then she knocked on the door and waited for her mother to come let her in. She felt the loving arms of her mother wrap around her. "Baby! I've been so worried bout you!" Her mother gasped with tears in her eyes. "Mama, I'm ok. He would never have let harm come to me. He was only trying to make me happy mama."

"Honey, I know you need your own life...but it's been so dificult without you here. Your sister misses you, and your father called and you weren't here. We need you honey."

Chris' heart sank. She didn't want her family to be without her, but she remembered her promise she'd made to stay with the Undertaker. She loved him and she loved her family. Now she was thouroghly torn. She didn't know how to tell her mother she wanted to go back to be with the Undertaker. "Mama, you're just very emotional right now. But try to understand what I need to tell you. I'm not saying this is a permanent goodbye. I'll come and visit you as often as I can. But Mama, I need to start my own life now. I need to do somethings for myself. I need and want to be with Taker. He loves me, and I love him. But he has already told me that if I need to come home anytime. So you won't be losing me. I'll just be living somewhere else, but I will be there if you need me or want to see me." Chris said trying to comfort her mother.

"I know baby. I know I shouldn't be selfish and try to keep you here. You do need to live your life now sweets. You've given so much of yours up already. You need to be happy too. But I'm glad you came home when you did. I am gonna need you for a little while babydoll. I have some very bad news."

Chris looked at her mother, afraid of what she was about to hear. "Honey, it happened a day ago...your grandmother. She had a heartattack and..." Chris didn't have to hear the end of the sentence before her eyes teared up. She knew in an instant what her mother would say. "She passed away honey. I'm sorry. We tried to get her to the hospital in time. But she died in the ambulance. I'm taking time off work to go to the funeral and for grief therapy." Her mother burst into tears. Chris put her arms around her and began to cry as well. "She didn't suffer baby. She just went on to be with God..." Her mother could not say anymore without gasping through the tears. "Oh mama!" Chris sobbed. That very moment, as he travled, the Undertaker felt a pinch in his heart. He felt Chris as she grieved. Midian was with him and saw the grave expression on his face. "Master, are you all right?"

"It's Chris, Midian. Someone dear to her has left this world, and the pain has just now hit her. That is how strongly I am connected to her, for I feel her greif."

"Do you love her, lord?"

"She is very dear to me..." Taker paused for a moment. "Yes, I do love her. She's the only light left in my dark world."

"The funeral is tomorrow. You could wear that black velvet dress you have. That would look very nice on you."

"Yes, it would." Chris replied sadly. She saw her little black cat walk up to her and rub against her leg. Chris picked up her pet and held it. Sheba kissed her nose and then wanted to be put down. "Sheba and Gypsy both have missed you. I've kept your hampster fed and watered. I think he's getting real old though hon."

"I know. We'll just make him comfortable till he finally passes on. How has my sister taken this?"

"She just seems oblivious to the whole thing honey. But only time will tell how this really affects her."

Part 6: Coping

Chris sat along side her mother and sister as the funeral began. The preacher began his sermon, but all Chris could do was cry. She knew there were times she and her grandma had not seen eye to eye. And she had to wonder what she would have thought of Chris being with Taker now. Now, she would not have the chance to voice her regrets. Perhaps it was for the better. She looked on with tears falling from her eyes, her mother weeping beside her, her sister, quiet, unscaved by the whole event. "Just as well," Chris said to herself.

The funeral progressed, and soon came time for the immideate family to walk by the casket and say a final farewell. Chris watched as one by one, her family walked by the casket, then, came her turn. She stood by the box, tears streaming down her face. "I love you grandma. I only hope you understand that I'm with him because I love him." Chris said, her voice shaky. Then, her mother took her by the arm and lead her away. The proccession began. Chris was quiet for the entire trip to the cemetary. Far away, Taker watched her close. He saw the proccession and bowed his head. It was a sight he knew all too well. No one dared disturb him, but he looked out of the corner of his eye, knowing he was being watched. Though he was a good distance away, Taker knew it was Vicsera with stare of loathing upon his face. But at that moment in time, Taker did not care. The man once known as Mable was, as far as Taker was concerned, a criminal, and now, he was paying for his crimes. He gave his watcher no more heed and went back to watching Chris through the flames. It hurt him there was nothing he could do to ease her pain, but such was the way of life; and death. People are born, they live, they die.

That night Chris and her mother and sister came home. She took off her dress and got into a comfy nightgown. The day had been long and dreary, and Chris was glad to see her old bed again. She also was glad to see her extensive doll collection and her pictures of her beloved Dark Lord. Right now, they were the only thing that gave her comfort. She curled up in her bed and tried to sleep. But the night would not allow Chris any peace. All she could see was her grandmother lying in her casket. Chris choked back the tears so she would not wake her mother. She laid there in her bed and silently cried.

"It will be all right Chris," a voice whispered. Chris looked around and saw no one there...but heard the voice of her beloved. She knew he was watching over her from his dark castle, or whatever it was he lived in. She closed her eyes, and tried to go to sleep."