Along these darkened halls we creep.
Growing in number as you sleep.
Your mind has been preoccupied,
The time has come, it's not denied.
We'll snatch your children from their beds,
Where they lay their precious heads.
Before you know, we'll have you too.
Too late to realize that all was true!
And as you disappear without a trace,
Darkness coming to take your place
The world will know OUR eternal face!
By Kanike

"I lay you down to sleep
Your soul to keep
Better cross your heart
Before you die
Now you know,
Know that you are mine!"
From *Unholy* By Kiss

The Undertaker has gone through several changes over the years, and the Ministry of Darkness has proven thus far to be his most ominous and threatening change ever. And if you think this is dark, just wait, because what you've seen from the Dark Lord thus far is just the tip of the iceberg. He promised a war of epic proportions, and I believe that this prophecy will soon become a nightmarish reality.

The Lord of Darkness stalks another victim to add to his growing Ministry of Darkness, and the unlucky soul turns out to be Mable, who also was responcible for nearly destroying the Undertaker's face a few years back. Ironic that he tried to destroy the Undertaker, and now as Vicsera, he must serve the Lord of Darkness. Irony, well, I prefer to think of it as poetic justice.

The Lords of Darkness calls upon his Ministry of Darkness to aid him in taking yet more unfortunate souls who dare to cross his path.

Though most may see him as ominous and evil, I see a beauty and grace within him that most do not chose to see that beauty within him. They look at me as if to ask how I can love someone so dark and appearently evil, but they should ask themselves...why do they love whom they love? I see Taker not only with my eyes, but with my heart.

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