Part 16 The Escape

They watched the limo drive away. Taker however was in his room, looking at himself in a huge mirror, hating what stared back at him. He was giving up. He didn't want to, but had made the vow that he would protect Chris at all costs...even his ministry was not above that vow. It was ambition or life, and her life would come first. Even if he could not own the corporation, he would wait until Chris was safely in his fold once more. And once he had her, then Vince Macmahon and his corporation would know hellish fury to the likes they had never seen, whether he had his ministry or not. He knew at the moment there was nothing he could do. But what he didn't know was that someone was about to help him in his plan, though he did not yet know it.

"Chyna, you stand outside and keep watch. I'm sure that the walking dead won't try anything while the girl is guarded. Then tomorrow, I will watch that whole pathectic lot of brainwashed fools disband before me and then the Undertaker will be out of my hair once and for all. Tomorrow is going to be a day to remember people. It will be the day I bring the Lord of Darkness to his knees."

Chyna said nothing. She simply waited for everyone to leave, then began to think of a way to get Chris out. The door was locked from the outside, but Macmahon had the only key that would open it. When she saw that no one was there, she took off her spiked high heeled boot and started picking at the lock. She removed the rubber bottom from the point leaving it exposed. She then tried to pick the lock with it, but to no avail. Then she remember the bobby pin in her hair. She took it out of her long black locks and began to work at it. Once she had it in the shape she thought would fit, she began to jiggle it in the lock. After a few moments, the lock gave way and she as able to open the door. "Girls best friend." Chyna said to herself opening the door. Chris opened her eyes to see a figure opening the door. Chris opened her mouth to scream until she heard a female voice. "No, don't scream. You scream and we're both screwed. Look, my name is Chyna."

"I know who you are. You turned on D-X to join the Corporation." Chris said with a scowl. "No, no you don't understand. I did this to help D-X, not to hurt them. It's a set up, but no one can know that. I'm going to get you out of here, but you've got to do something for me." Chyna replied. "What do you want?" Chris asked skeptically. "I want you to talk to the Undertaker. I need you to convince him to get Kane out of the Corporation and back with his family where he belongs. Kane doesn't need to be in the corporation. Kane will listen to me, and Taker will listen to you. We have to unite the brothers. That is what Macmahon is so afraid of. That's why he told Mable to let himself be abducted by the MOD. I know that he's left the Ministry now and is on his way back here. Taker will need someone to replace him, and Kane would be the prime replacement. Taker needs Kane, and Kane needs his family."

"I'll do what I can, but I can't make any promises. Kane isn't exactly too fond of his brother or father right now. This won't be easy."

"All I ask is that you try. Kane's been abused enough. He needs to be with his family and his family needs to be with him." Chyna said. "I'll try, but that's all I can do." Chris replied. "Look, you better get out of here. There's a back entrance. Just be quiet and go to that entrance. X-Pac will be waiting outside. He'll stay with you till you can reach Taker."

"Thank you."

Watching the door carefully Chyna pointed Chris to the hall that would take her to the entrance where X was waiting for her. She walked carefully down the hall until she found the door. She opened it carefully and found X-Pac waiting for her. "Yo, Chyna said you'd be coming this way. Here's a cell phone. You can get Take on this. Just tell him where you're at. He'll probably have his boys come get ya. You are the one that got kidnapped by Vince, right?"

"Yes...Dear God I can only imagine what Taker must be going through right now." Chris sighed.

"You must like him a lot, don't ya."

"Yes. Taker is very dear to me. There's so much that people have misjudged him on. I don't believe all the things they say bout him. He obviously cares a great deal for me too. He's gone to so much trouble to make sure I was happy. Then that bastard Viscera betrayed Taker and lead Vince to kidnap me." Chris said.

"I wouldn't want to be any part of the Corporation right now. He's got Taker's Ministry and D-X to deal with. They're won't be nothing left when we all get done with him."

"Don't get too cocky. If Macmahon is desperate enough to have me kidnapped, there's no telling what else he's willing to do."

"You just be careful. I'd hate to be the one who had to tell Taker I lost ya."

X gave Chris a cell phone and she immideately called the mansion where the Ministry were brooding and worrying of Chris' fate. "Hello..."

"Midian, it's me, it's Chris. Where's Taker?"

"Chris, you're all right! Where are you?" Midian asked almost jumping for joy. "I'm at the back of Titan Towers. I've got a member of D-X with me, he's keeping watch till you and the others get here. Can you get Taker for me?" Chris asked. "I think he's sleeping, but I'll go get him. He'll want this news." Midian, knowing he might risk incurring Taker's rage, but perhaps the news of Chris being safe would spare him this once. He went into Taker's private room, and found him amidst the candles meditating, trying to calm himself. "My Lord, I've heard from Chris, she's ok."

Taker's eyes snapped open at what he heard. He turned around, as Midian backed from the door fearing the Dark Lord's anger. Instead, he was hit with a barrage of questions. "How do you know? You've heard from her, how?" Taker asked. "She's on a cell phone. Says one of D-X is looking out for her, she's at the back of Titan Towers. Someone must have broke her out." Midian answered. "Tell her I'm on my way. Tell her to go no where till I get there. I know where she's talking about."

Part 17 Rescued

Chris waited impatiently while X-Pac kept an eye on her. He tried to ease the tension with some conversation. "So, you a D-X fan..."

"Yes, as a matter of fact I am. I think you guys are hilarious." Chris said with a slight smile. "Hey, we might get in the ring and kick ass, but we're bout having a good time too. How long have you and Taker known each other?"

"Well, I've been following his career for years. He's an extrodinary man. Then, several years back, I began to feel some kind of connection with him. It's very hard to explain. Then, one night we met, and I went back with him and became part of his own. Not like Midian and the others, I just came there to be close to him. He wanted to be close to me. We're connected, our spirits I mean. It's very hard to explain sometimes."

"I hear a car, someone's here for ya." X-Pac said hearing the roar of an engine. "Motorcycle...that has to be Taker! He's the only one I know of right now who rides motorcycles. What about Chyna, this will get her into big time trouble."

"Don't worry bout Chyna. She can take care of herself. Yah, it's Taker all right. I recognize that cold dead wind anywhere."

Taker roard up on his purple Harley to find Chris shaken but alive and well. He rushed up to her practically lifting her several feet off the ground as he hugged her. "Chris...Dear God I thought I would lose you forever."

"Guys, you got to get out of here. Corps gonna know what's happened before too long." Chyna called. "Come on, you and the guys got to make this look convincing. Taker, get her to where she'll be safe. Chris, remember what I asked of you."

"I will." Chris answered. She climbed on the bike as did Taker and both of them sped off for the safety of the mansion.

Part 18 Reunited

Hunter and the Outlaws joined X-Pac and began their plan to keep Chyna from being discovered. "Don't worry, the door already appears to have been messed with. I had to pick at the lock to get her out. You guys make it look like a struggle went on here. You heard the girl screaming and decided to play heros and break her out. You over powered me, picked at the door, and then got her out. That should be convincing enough."

"You sure that's gonna work? I mean, you are the ninth wonder of the world you know. You're tough enough to kick all our asses. You sure Macmahon is going to believe you?" Hunter said with concern. "What other choice do we have. We just have to hope he falls for this. You'll have to make this look pretty damn brutal to convince him. This is not just for my sake, but for our sake. This is the only way that D-X will ever find out the Corporation's weaknesses."

"Chyna, you haven't told us exactly why you thought this was a good idea." X-Pac replied. "Think about it X, The Ministry of Darkness is growing stronger and stronger. Taker's serious bout taking over the WWF, and if anyone can do it, he can. And if needs be, we can help him. Vince Macmahon has screwed us all one too many times. If we can get in with the Ministry, at least for the moment, we can help destroy the Corporation." Chyna explained.

"Chyna, why is this so important to you? Oh wait a minute, no, it can't be. You cannot possibly be falling for Kane!" Hunter said becoming upset. "No! It's not like that. Yes, I do care about Kane and yes I have a bond with him, but it's not like that. You know you're my number 1 degenerate Triple H. Trust me on this, ok." Chyna refuted. "All right. I just hope this works. Let's get down to business." Hunter said.

Back at the mansion, the members of the ministry and their leader were all overjoyed to see Chris alive and well. Above all, Taker's happiness was most apperaent since he could not stop hugging the poor girl. "Dear God! I thought I'd lost you. Are you all right? Did they hurt you?"

"No. Just scared me real good. Chyna broke me out. She's not with the Corp the way everyone thinks she is. She's still a member of D-X. It was because of her I was able to escape." Chris said. "I'm just glad you're all right. Macmahon has gone too damn far this time. He thinks I'm going to give up my mission and disband the Ministry; well, he'll have it over my dead body." Taker growled, his joy turning to anger. "Then we're not meeting Macmahon in the morning?" Midian asked. "Oh, on the contrary. We are going to meet him. And he's going to get everything he deserves, everything."

Chris saw the anger in the Dark Lord's eyes, knowing he meant busisness. But she also remembered her promise to Chyna, to convince Taker he needed Kane in the Ministry. "Look, when you've cooled down, there is something I need to tell you. Something Chyna asked me to do for her if she got me away from Vince. "You might as well tell me now Chris. I won't be cooling down anytime soon, not after what that bastard has done to you." Taker growled. Chris looked at him for a moment, afraid of what she had to say, but knew she had to say it. "It's, it's Kane."

Taker's eyes widened. "Kane? What does Chyna want with Kane?" Taker asked, mistrusting yet puzzled. "She wants to break him out of the corp. She knows he's unhappy there, and doesn't belong there. The only reason she made sure he stayed in the corporation. She didn't want him going back to the asylum." Chris explained. "She has a bond with Kane. No one else so far in the WWF has been able to control him like this. Not even me or his father. I hate what I've had to do to keep him away. But it was for his own good. At least, I thought I was doing the right thing. I didn't want him in the ministry, because I didn't want him ending up like me. I guess now, I was wrong. His being outside the fold has done him more harm than good. I just can't understand why of all people Chyna has bonded with him."

"Maybe in the end she didn't like the way he was being treated. Maybe that's part of the reason she became a D-X spy and joined the Corp. So that Kane could have a caring guide to see him through all this corporate non-sense. Think about it, she was actually willing to be *responcible* for Kane. No one has been willing to do that before. Taker, I know you and Kane haven't been close, but it's time for him to come home. He needs his family." Chris said. "I know. I just hope and pray he's willing to come back to his family. He resents me for putting him out, I know it. I didn't want to make him think I wanted to be cruel. You're right. I do need him, and he needs his family. Tomorrow morning, we bring Kane home."

Part 19 The Plot

Hunter and company, minus Chyna, dashed away from Titan towers leaving Chyna as if she had been mugged. The door was left to appear as if it had been tampered with. She looked around and saw that no one had bothered to check up on her. "He's too trusting." She mumbled to herself thinking only of Macmahon and the suprise he would soon get. She messed up her hair and made it look like she had been in one hell of a fight. Morning would approach soon. Just enough time to come up with a convincing story to hold off Macmahon until the fireworks would go off.

"We go to Macmahon as he expects us to. Then, we unleash upon him and his Corporation, but, Kane is to be spared. Chyna if it can be helped. She did get Chris out, and I owe her for that. Understand? Kane and Chyna are to be spared...the rest of the corporation...will suffer agony as they have never known. And this I command of you all now, I want Macmahon for myself. You may do with the others as you please, but Macmahon is mine, and mine alone. Understood?" Taker said. The others nodded. "Chris, I would ask that you stay here, but I have no idea what else Macmahon may try to do. His men know where this place is. I want you to stay by my side in the morning."

"I would be at your side regardless." Chris replied. She looked at the others who had the look of war in their eyes. She knew that tomorrow morning, war would break out. And though she knew her life would be put in danger, she didn't care. For her beloved, she would risk, even give her life.

**To be cont.**

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